Introducing: Ashliann

Some releases catch your attention from the very beginning – that first note, beat or vocal chord instantly draws you in and make you stop what you’re doing. That’s what happened a few weeks ago when our team came across the first Spinnup release from US artist Ashliann. Lament is the third EP from the 20-year-old Brooklyn born, Oklahoma based singer/songwriter who joined our platform this year.

With an appearance as striking as her music – I mean, not everyone can pull off dark green hair! – Ashliann has been catching people’s attention for the past few years on her YouTube channel, where she records covers putting her soulful spin on modern classics. Her debut EP Aesthetic was released in 2016, earning her some love from music blog OKPlayer.



Moving around a lot as a youngster Ashliann substituted long-lasting friendships with music, turning to her songwriting and spoken word to express herself and developing a keen talent as a pianist and vocalist, as well as her unique style. The green hair is just a small part of Ashliann’s personal ethos and her #greenvibesmovement, which aims to bring positivity and ‘greenness’, the colour of life, to people everywhere.

Talking about her music, Ashliann says, “It’s not just about entertaining the crowd to me, it’s about bringing them into my world, and visiting theirs.” She certainly draws us into her world on Lament, a four-track EP packed full of powerful lyrics, delicate harmonies and of course, her strikingly husky soul vocals.

Stream Lament below, or click here to access it on your preferred music service. Follow Ashliann on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud for news, music and more. We can’t wait to hear what she comes out with next!