Introducing: Älven

This week we introduce the winner of the Christmas Song competition: Älven

What is your musical background, and when did you start with Älven?
From the age of 5 it has been apparent that Olivia is a natural born singer. Simon on the other hand was a late bloomer and did not venture into music until the age of 18. Both grew up in families where music, and especially Swedish music, was played a lot.

Before founding Älven we were in bands in our respective places but when we met in 2012 we saw an opportunity to start something together. Thus, Älven was born. We both feel a strong need to express our emotions in music and lyrics.

Who or what inspires you?
Our songwriting is continuous and you never know when inspiration kicks in. We mostly get inspired by Swedish artists who also write Swedish lyrics such as Håkan Hellström and Veronica Maggio. Art can kickstart our creativity, especially modern art, and a walk in the forest can also be a form of inspiration.

What are your expectations for the upcoming year?
We released our debut album “Högst upp på taket” earlier this year and now we are writing new songs for a planned EP next summer. Hopefully we can come out and play some festivals and we are currently scouting for gigs for the Summer of 2015.

What does the rest of the year have to offer? What’s happening next?
Next big thing for us is an upcoming music video for our Christmas song “Pusselbit” and we hope to reach a broader audience with our songs.

Watch the video here!