Introducing: Adrian Modiggård

This week we introduce a prominent, young talent – namely Adrian Modiggård.

Who is Adrian Modiggård?
I was born in Stockholm and grew up heavily influenced by my great father and drummer guru Raga De Gosh.

What is your musical background and when did you start with music?
As a tiny kid, they sat me down by the congas, and from that day on I was known as the Conga teddy bear. A few years later I had moved on to become the tambourine man in my father’s band Eldkvarn.

Who/what inspires you?
I’m inspired by the daily occurrences in our lives, both positive and negative. Troubles of the mind have always influenced my work. I am also immensely inspired by the great actors of rock history. Joni Mitchell, Carol King and Allen Toussaint are just a few that got stuck in my ear.

What has the response to your music been like?
The response varies. I think the most important thing is that when listening to my music or anyone else’s, you always have to draw your own assumptions.

What are your expectations for the upcoming year?
Lots of fun. More love throughout Sweden and the rest of the world. Equality. Peace! I will complete the recordings for my album, find the musicians and get a band to play live.

What does the rest of the year have to offer? What’s happening next (2015)?
I will continue to write and record while I go on tour with Eldkvarn in November, and will do a few gigs playing guitar with Titiyo as well. If everything works out, I promise you’ll get to hear the songs live by next year.

Listen to his song on Spinnup: Adrian Modiggård – Om inte du vill ha mig