How To Write a Biography – Music

A biography is a must for every artist in the wholee world. This dosen’t make them any easier to write however (especially writing your own) so, we have put together some helpful prompts that you can follow to create your own beautiful biography!


The Intro


This is your hook. If the person reading your bio doesn’t get any further than here, you want them to have a good idea of what you’re about. What’s your ‘elevator pitch’? Don’t waffle on too long, try to get straight into it.


Key things to include here are your name, where are you from, where are you based, what do you sound like (other artists who are similar, artists who inspire you or, your genre), and why should someone care about you or your music.


All good musicians have something about them that can be captured in words. Before you get into your achievements and notable connections or accolades, what is it about you and your music that you want people to feel?


Your Background


This is you beginning to paint the picture of you and your history with music. Think about mentioning how you started making music? Do you have any interesting stories you can tell about how you developed into the artist you are today? If you haven’t already, be sure to mention your influences in this section.


Who Has Supported You So Far?


We are all human, meaning, we are more likely to like something if someone else does. Especially if we like that person or that person has clout. Don’t be afraid to name drop in this section. Have a think about which venues you have played in, or other countries have you played in? Which labels, if any, have you released on?


Think about which websites, blogs, magazines and radio stations have featured and supported you (and read here about how to get press). Do they have any nice quotes about you that you can use that help to sell you?


This section is easy to either say too much (and get carried away) or say too little (in an attempt to be humble). Try not to make this an exhaustive list of all of your support/nice things but, be sure to cherry-pick the most relevant and impressive examples.


What does your live show sound like?


Your live show will be your opportunity to make your music connect with real people. This will be the thing you consistently sell. What should people expect from one of your live performances? What is your live setup (are you acoustic, with a band etc). Why do you like performing?


Other pointers


Stick to one-page of regular size text at most. and try to write in the third person such as ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘they’ – not ‘I’ or ‘my’ or ‘me’


Don’t put too much time-sensitive information in that will date your bio quickly e.g. ‘his new album will be out at the end of 2020’


Don’t hype yourself up too much with flowery language. Try and be reasonably objective. Descriptive without being over-the-top.


Be straight up. Don’t make your bio an overblown creative concept that makes it hard to pick out key information from.


Remember who your audience is. Your bio is probably going to be used by journalists and promoters more than it is by a fan.


And there it is, a very basic run through to get you started on creating your new biography. Be creative and fun but also remember that you need to clearly communicate who you are and what you do. We can’t wait to read them (make sure you add yours to your very own artist site and beyond).