How To Put Together An Attention Grabbing EPK (Electronic Press Kit)  

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It’s a tough, competitive industry and having a killer EPK is vital for getting lots of press coverage and scoring you better gigs to propel your career as a band or artist.


What Is An EPK?

An EPK is a digital press kit filled with your music, promotional material and key information about you. In the simplest terms, it’s a professional music CV that presents writers, journalists, promoters, or any business, with a complete understanding of who you are as an artist and why they should invest time and money into you.

Can’t the press just go on my website?

Yes, but keep in mind that you’ll want your EPK for business purposes, and your website is probably geared towards fans.


Where Should I Host My EPK?

There are a number of platforms you can host your EPK.

We recommend;


Dropbox is a great place to store, organize and share multiple, often large files, in one place. You can upload files of sizes up to 50GB, as long as it’s within your storage limit. The platform is also mobile-friendly, increasing your productivity whilst you’re on the go.


Promotion Platforms

Sites such as ReverbNation and Adobe Spark are great platforms for music promotion and creating your EPK.

ReverbNation’s EPK is completely customizable and allows you to monitor your audience activity through advanced data tracking. This gives you a strong insight into what you need to do moving forward. The platform offers additional tools such as Crowd Reviews, which allows you to submit your music and get unbiased feedback from real fans. You can also explore gig opportunities using Gig Finder.

Adobe Spark allows you to create a great eye-catching EPK fast and for free without any programming or design knowledge. This app also gives you tips on how to stand out on social media.


Your Website

Display your EPK as a webpage on your website. You can name this page ‘EPK’ or ‘Press’ for example. A URL is easy to access and also mobile-friendly. You still may need downloadable links on this page if the file sizes are too large. This page doesn’t necessarily need to be public either as you could password protect it, just for press and business.

Wix is a great option because it is so user-friendly and like Adobe Spark, you do not need to be tech or design savvy! Wix even includes useful FREE templates specifically for EPK’s. Just remember that your aesthetics should always reflect who you are as an artist or band, so some professional input from a designer shouldn’t go amiss!

Also, make sure your site is always up to date.

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What Should I Include In My EPK?

Imagine you are writing a press story about a band or artist – what information are you going to need? An EPK is like a one-stop-shop for all of this.

These elements are as follows;

A Killer Artist Bio

For a killer EPK, you’re going to need a standout bio that is well-written and up-to-date. For an EPK, it should be longer than it would be on your website or Spotify artist page, but make sure it is business centered, concise and to the point.

A great artist bio will highlight your best achievements to date and current endeavors. To keep it more organic, you could write it yourself. If you’re struggling, source a journalist to write one for you.

Consider these points if you choose to write it yourself:

• Where have you played?

• Who have you supported?

• What’s your biggest gig attendance to date?

• Have you played at any festivals, if yes, when and where?

• Have you been played on a radio show?

• Do you have any brilliant reviews that you could share quotes from? (These should always include a link to the review as evidence.)

• Who influences you and your music?

It’s useful to have varying lengths of your bio for different mediums such as press releases, social media pages and your artist profile page on streaming services. For instance, a bio within your artist profile on streaming services could be shorter because people will be focused on listening to your music. A press release bio will be more informative and have an in-depth story of your journey. Be sure to arrange each version in a folder on Dropbox, or as downloadable PDF.s on your website.

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Good quality images

You’ll want stunning images of yourself and eye-catching album artwork. Images of yourself should be primarily from promo shots and a few really good live shots if you have them!

Make sure the images are high quality (300dpi) and look professional, you want to be taken seriously! Having Hi-res images is vital for mediums such as print magazines and posters. If these files are too large to upload to your webpage, then you can use Dropbox or Wetransfer to send them by email. Make sure these images are clearly labeled with the file size and quality.

As well as images of yourself, make sure you include png/compatible images of your branding material and logos.

For more advice on getting the perfect artist image, read our post here.



Your music is the most important part of your EPK.

Refer to your streaming stats and put your best three tracks at the top. Include streaming links for accessibility and be aware that you don’t have to upload entire albums! Have these as links on Dropbox.



People want to be able to see you play live, so you’re definitely going to need video content. This should be of decent quality, 720p and above!  Include any music videos and promo videos. Videos of you playing live are going to be very useful to music promoters as this gives them a taste of your stage presence.



Stats are really important as they give an insight into who your demographic is, what songs are well received, how many followers you have and they provide information on which areas need time and money invested in.


Social media

Promoters and journalists will be looking at how you interact with your fans on your social media pages and how many likes you have. It’s also vital that these pages are aesthetically cohesive and always up-to-date. Promoters and potential labels are going to want to see the current and frequent posting. Personality is key, so make sure this shines through because people will want to buy into who you are, as much as they do your music.

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Tour calendar

Your tour calendar should include both past and upcoming shows. This is useful for promoters to see where you have played/are playing and your availability for potential upcoming gigs.


Contact information

Finally, don’t forget to include contact information for yourself, your booking agent, manager and label for example. Include phone numbers and emails.


Now, go forth and put your stunning EPK to the test!