How To Prepare For The New Year

With only a few weeks left of 2019, (we can’t believe it either!), we want to make sure that you feel totally prepared for the new decade because honestly, it’s terrifying just writing “new decade”.

2020 could be the year that your music career changes for the better if you’re willing to put the work in! Luckily, we’ve done you a solid, and put together some tips that include booking your gigs, organising your tunes and setting some achievable goals to help you prepare for the new year.

So, let’s dive in…


First things first, get organised.


Facing the new year feeling organised and well prepared will take some of the weight off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on reaching your goals and doing what you do best – making music.

It’s a great idea to get organised with your music making, such as tidying up your files and creating templates which will save you time, and make your life a lot easier! Check out these apps that can help you with time and task management, organisation and planning. And if you’re in a band then be sure to take a look at these handy apps to help with things such as organising your rehearsal schedule and social media accounts.


Set goals for the year


We’re not talking cheesy New Year’s resolutions; these are serious career goals. If you don’t have a goal to work towards – then what motivates you? Goals are important as they are the pathway to success.

At Spinnup we want you to reach your full potential and aim for the stars. But the trick here is to not put too much pressure on yourself to achieve your dream goal within a certain time frame. Be realistic and set smaller goals that work towards this. As the saying goes, “set big dreams, create small wins.” Remember, even the tiniest of tasks bring you closer to that dream goal.

Your small goals should be achievable and measurable. Here’s a non-music related example: you’ve set yourself a goal to ‘lose weight’. This is a good start, but how much weight? How are you going to achieve this?

You can then apply this to your music career. Instead of setting a goal to ‘play more gigs’, ask yourself if there are any specific venues you want to play, and how you are going to achieve this. Always be specific and have a clear direction.


Create a schedule


If music is your full-time grind then you’ll automatically be working towards your goals every day, but if you’re working a day job, studying at uni, or whatever your side hustle is, you’ll need to set aside time for your music. Divide your year up based on your goals and create a schedule each week. For every week, make a list of tasks you want to achieve. Writing these down on paper will take the scrambled mess of stress out of your brain. Tick these off as you go, and you’ll feel so accomplished, we promise you.


New year, new music!


If one of your goals for 2020 is to put new music out, then you should have a release plan. A release plan will make sure you are really ready and give your release the best chance possible. And releasing your music through Spinnup is simple, whether it’s a single, EP or album. Download our interactive pdf release checklist here to make sure your release rolls out in the best possible way.


Book in those gigs and prepare for festival applications 


Get ahead of the game and start booking your gigs for the new year. Feeling stuck? Then read our gig checklist for some brilliant advice. Make sure you get your festival applications ready and look out for our guide to festival applications 2020 early next year. Until then, you can read last year’s guide for some tips on how to prepare before you apply.


Plan social your content


The holidays are a good time to start planning your social content for the new year. You could use this time to get up to speed on the latest social trends such as TikTok, or if you haven’t already, set up an account on a social scheduling tool such as Buffer. Also, make sure that you enter the new year with an up-to-date social presence. For more on social media read our handy guide.


New year, new team?


At Spinnup we want you to reach great heights which require a ‘focussed, dedicated team and strong mindset.’ If you feel like you are being held back and aren’t progressing, then it may be time to find a new team. Read more here.


Upgrade your space


Does your current space inspire you? Is it inviting creativity into your life? If your answer is no, then the new year is a great time to change it up! Get yourself on good ol’ Pinterest for some aesthetic inspiration. Buy some plants. Put some quirky lights up. Whatever your style is. The space where you create should feel authentically you and a place where you feel happy, comfortable and inspired. If the space you want is a home studio, we’ve got some pretty good tips at setting up your own home studio.


Take a break


One of the major pitfalls of being self-employed is separating fun with work. You need to remember to have a life outside of your music career, as much as you love it. We can’t stress enough how important it is to take a break to prevent burnout. You want to take on the new year feeling refreshed and energised. Enjoy the holidays, eat mince pies, socialise, and do things that make you happy and keep your mind healthy. You can’t be your best self if you don’t take care of yourself! And without living your life, what are you going to write your songs about?


And a final note…


2020 is the year to overcome self-doubt and your fear of rejection


Sometimes the only thing holding you back from success is fear of rejection. Doubting your abilities can really hinder your creative progress. It’s easier said than done, but banish those feelings. Believe in your amazing, talented self. Still not convinced? Read this blog post and we’re sure you’ll change your mind.