How To Make Sure Your Online Presence is In Sync

Two words to keep in mind whilst reading this post: Synergy and cohesion; do your social media profiles look like they are for the same person or band? If they do great! Let’s make them better. If they don’t, that’s great also because you can make them awesome.


Think of any big artist and go check out their Spotify profile, then all their social media profiles. What do you notice? Well, firstly you’ll notice they probably have a team looking after their accounts. Second, you’ll see that the images and themes flow between each other and each platform. Some use the same lead image on all platforms which is an excellent option. Some might use pictures from the same photo shoot promoting their latest single. Whatever it is they are doing, there will be a theme and similarity between the platforms that tells of a common direction.


But it’s not just the big guns of the music industry that should be doing this. Having a strong brand is absolutely key to building your profile as an artist, and making sure all your social channels, profiles and exposure online is in sync goes toward building that brand.


And it’s really about being organised more than anything else.


Here we can break down some things you can do right now to tie your look together over multiple sites. We’ve landed on four things that will get you on your way to a crisp look:


    • Have an artist page on Spotify

When we distribute your music to Spotify, we also distribute your awesome single, EP or album cover accompany the songs you released. What you absolutely need is an artist page (which you can sign into once you have claimed your profile on Spotify For Artists). Go here and set yourself up if you haven’t already. Claim your profile and add a main banner image and add your social media handles under ‘account’.


Seeing as we all like an image or two, there is an option to add many images for people to scroll through when they view your profile. Keep the images on brand! Eg, use images from the same photo shoot or from the same photographer. Hold yourself back from mixing in unprofessional looking photographs. They may be a laugh, or you may be wearing your fav outfit…don’t add them here though. Find a photographer who can create a sense of fun or nonchalance if that is what you’re after. It will come across much better. Now you’ve done that, do the same thing on Apple Music For Artists.


For more tips on how to get the most out of your artist pages, indulge yourself in our Spotify for artists guide and Apple Music For Artists guide.


    • Align all of your social media accounts

Now you’re logged into Facebook and Instagram (minimum for social media accounts), maybe Twitter and YouTube, you can see how your images look. Log into Spotify For Artists & Apple Music For Artists as well. Do these accounts tell a similar story? Are you promoting something in particular like a tour or new release, and do all accounts show this?


Best thing to do right now is find an image you like, and use it for all profile pictures. This alone will create a kind of smoothness for the consumer experience. Subconsciously we all link the same image in our minds across social media platforms. For an independent artist this is a great way to increase brand recognition. Post Malone would get away with using different images on profile pictures because he is so well known (everyone knows those face tatts). Others working hard to get to his level must think about ways to help people recognise them. Using the same image for each profile will help you get there. If you prefer you may use your logo as the lead image, something people can glance at and recognise as your brand.


A thought out social media presence is going to move you further ahead at greater speed and you want to cut the thinking time for consumers.


While you’re still online and logged in, add all social links that you can on your store profiles so fans that discover your music can discover your socials. Make sure your Instagram bio link displays your latest project you want to promo (hint: your Spinnup promo link). If you don’t have a recent single you want to draw attention to, link to your website or events on Facebook. Be specific though! What exactly do you want people to see and action on your website? What specific event are you promoting on Facebook? Please make sure all links are live and correct at all times as a someone clicking on a broken link is unlikely to return to it.


    • Get a website, or an Artist Site

If you have an awesome website, that is excellent news! Rock on and congratulations. If you have yet to get a website then that’s fine too. But if someone’s been checking out an artist on social media and then find they don’t have a website? A tiny voice goes ‘hmm’ and we rank them lower down the professional totem pole than before our discovery of a missing website.


There are plenty of options out there to build one, like Wix or Squarespace. Or you could use Spinnup’s new Artist Site feature, a customisable single scroll website available for free to all Spinnup artists. Here you can add your images, videos, bio, social media & store links, and we even embed all your Spinnup releases so people can listen to your tracks.


Think of it like your one-stop-shop where fans and industry folk can find out all they need to about you.


A website shows that you mean business and ARE a business. Wix and square space have good templates you can build on yourself without employing an IT geek. Browse what they have to offer and build a website of your dreams. Some website building platforms have trial periods at no cost, so you can play around with looks before investing any money.


    • Promote the same thing

We think you’re awesome, and we know the time that goes into self promotion. From time to time social media accounts may not be promoting the same thing. You might have Instagram promoting a single, Facebook promoting an event, and YouTube playing your latest video which may not be for the latest song (because video production can be expensive, not every song needs a video). You’re doing well!


What you may consider is trying to promote the same thing across all platforms where possible. Got a new single? Have that as the main focus. Get it up online (we can do that for you, send your music to us and we will distribute it) and send it for playlist consideration via your Spotify For Artists page. Have links to your release on all social media profiles and regularly talk about it in new posts. Sprinkle in talk about the release – not every post has to be insane promotion. Make posts light hearted without pushing people to buy from you.


Simply display what you do and when seen regularly, people will decide on their own to purchase from you. Create some cool little video snippets of you at rehearsal, in the studio etc and add those to Facebook, Youtube and Instagram (and other accounts you have).


We’re not saying each post across social has to be identical. Having a similar theme is what we’re getting at. Come say hi, we would love to see you online.