How to get the most out of your artist profile

**Spinnup’s artist profile feature has now been updated with the Artist Site, a customisable, and FREE artist website tool available to all Spinnup artists.** 

Find out how to create your Artist Site in seconds with Spinnup


Did you know that as soon as you’ve signed up to Spinnup you can create your artist profile and connect your socials before you even make a release?

Part of what we do here at Spinnup is give artists some of the best tools to make the most of their career, and access to social stats and the artist profile are just two of them. They’re both really important as connecting your social accounts in will give you up to date graphs and statistics will allow you to track your fanbase, and your artist profile will make you visible to the Scouts and A&Rs.

The artist profile is a great mini-website style profile that you can use to send to Scouts, A&Rs, promoters, producers or managers. The way we like to think of the Spinnup artist profile is like your audience’s one-stop shop to being able to get to know you or your band, find your music and social media accounts, and contact you (but only if you allow them to!)

And while setting everything up is pretty straightforward, we thought we’d run through how to make the most of it with a few tips and tricks.

Spinnup_connect_your_socialsOnce you have created your free account or logged in, hit Settings in the left-hand menu and scroll down to Social Accounts. You will see options for Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Youtube.

Simply hit the connect button and a window will pop up for you to sign in to that account, that’s all it takes!


create_your_Spinnup_profileNow, onto your profile – just click on Artist Profile in the menu to get to your edit page.

Artist Information

Here you enter in your artist name and create your unique profile URL. We recommend making this as close toy your artist name as possible, and use a ‘-‘ for any space in your name, e.g. Lady Blah Blah would be written ‘lady-blah-blah’ and the link would look like this:

Remember you are not allowed any special characters, letters and numbers only!

Artist Bio & Videos

Next is probably the most important part – your artist bio. This is where you get to introduce yourself to the world, describe your musical background and style or any achievements you may want to boast about. We say the more the better (within reason, of course) as it never looks very good when all a profile says is, “John from Johannesburg”

Here are a few ideas of things you can write about in your artist profile if you get stuck:
  • Where you are from/grew up
  • How you got started in music
  • What instruments or other musical skills you have, e.g. songwriting, producing, mixing
  • Any musical influences you might have
  • Notable gigs, venues or festivals you have played in
  • Any radio stations or Spotify playlists that have featured your music
  • Other artists or producers you have worked with
  • What your plans are for the future, e.g. working on an EP, finalising the next single

Write in a way that is natural to you as you want to reflect your personality, but remember to also keep it professional. Some people choose to write their profiles in the third person to make it seem more official, but that’s totally up to you. Just so we’re all on the same page, writing in the third person means to refer to yourself or your band as ‘they’ or ‘he/she’. For example instead of writing, “I recently played at The Empire where I debuted music from my new EP,” you would write “Lady Blah Blah recently played at The Empire, where she debut music from her upcoming EP.”

my_Spinnup_profileOnce you’ve got the words down, you can add video ! Simply find the YouTube videos of yours that you want to embed into your profile, and copy and paste the URL, not the embed code, into the text of your bio wherever you want it to sit, and viola!

(Psst…look left to see what we mean)


Artist Image

Next drop a hi-res image of you or your band into the Artist Image box, which will feature at the top of your artist profile. If you hit ‘View Profile’ on the right hand side you can preview all changes to get it looking how you want. The perfect sized image is 1200px wide and 600px high (although you can use other sizes) and must be a JPEG or PNG file.

Links & Social Accounts

This is another really important step and can often be the trickiest. By connecting your social media accounts you are allowing the Scouts and A&Rs to easily find you online. We highly recommend this as it will help you track your fans and followers, but could also play a role in you being discovered by the Scouts and A&Rs at Universal Music. Once you have connected your social accounts

When linking your accounts, make sure to enter the last part of your social media URL only in the box. This is where a lot of artists go wrong and leads to broken links, and no one likes broken links!

Check out the GIF below to see how to properly insert your social links so they a) work and b) are nice and neat.


Underneath your social accounts, you can choose to leave a contact email address and phone number. This is entirely up to you, but we recommend leaving at least your email address so that people easily can get in contact with you.

The last, and newest, feature of the artist profile is the music player! As soon as your first release is live in stores, an extra ‘Music’ tab will appear at the top of your profile which will have a Spotify player for each release you have made on Spinnup. You can see how it works on UK band King No One‘s profile in the GIF below.


So what are you waiting for?

Create or log in to your artist account, connect your socials, pimp your artist profile and start sharing it with the world!