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How To Get Support Outside Of Live Gigs

So, the landscape of the music industry might look different as of late… (a bit of an understatement). We’ve put some tips together on how to support yourself outside of live gigging that we all sorely miss. Here’s five ways to help keep funds rolling in:




Do you have any merchandise to promote and sell online? Merch can be anything really. A favourite among fans generally is a black t-shirt with a band or artist’s design on it. These seem the easiest colour to move as far as t-shirts are concerned, and printing something on plain black or white fabric is often the cheapest for you to produce. You might choose to have mugs, or plectrums, or badges and posters instead. And if you do it right, don’t underestimate a cool sticker someone can stick on their laptop or gear case. Especially if you don’t have any ready-made merch lying around right now and are looking for a cheaper way compared to clothing. It doesn’t have to break the bank. Making a cool design based on a single or album release works well. So does a logo.

There are many artists who write out their lyrics and send those to fans as merch. A personal touch. If ever you wanted to write with ink and a quill – this is a great excuse.




Bit of a no brainer really. We have the luxury of digitised music. Any music that you have recorded already – get it distributed by Spinnup (we’re really good at it, if we may say so) and it will be online for others to download and stream. As soon as they start listening, you start earning. And we pay 100% of your royalties to you in the monthly sales reports. If you have a computer there will be a programme pre installed for you to make music and artwork with. Everything you need for getting release assets ready is easily accessible and that’s exciting! Sometimes we can not see the forest for the trees, but we are all in a great position to create and release more music and at a faster rate (for much cheaper) than the generation before us.

If you don’t have music recorded, we’ve picked out free software for you to get started from home:

Audacity  Mac/Windows

Garageband Mac. Preloaded on Mac laptops

Ardour Mac/Windows




If you’re on a streaming platform share the link to your music on social media. Our promo links are a great way to do that and hit your fans with your tunes on all major music services at one time. Couple it with a great picture or, better still, some video footage. A behind the scenes or a music video for the song. We get bombarded with information on a daily basis and us humans react to things that catch our attention, not simply a link floating about on its own. Do the hard work involved with getting attention and you’ll pick up a few more listeners.

Another way to get your music heard on streaming platforms is via playlists. There are a few ways to go about this, and the easiest is before a release goes live online. Spotify offer ‘Spotify For Artists’ – if you haven’t signed up for this and are releasing music to Spotify –  consider making it a priority. From an artist’s page, you can put music forward for playlist consideration BEFORE a release date. Meaning, your music is distributed to platforms, and the release date comes after this. It’s during this time between distribution and a release date that you can apply to playlists. It’s free and worth a shot.

There are these people that take submissions (free) that you can try: Soundplate

One other route is finding playlists that have music similar to yours and going straight to the owner of them asking if they will consider including you. Getting on big playlists can be a task even for stars – starting with smaller playlists will increase your chances.

There are wolves out there looking to make money. Be wary of those who promise getting you onto playlists for a fee.

Remember, it’s not personal if your music isn’t picked up, keep trying.


Create a fundraiser link


While we’re on the topic of streaming – there is an option to open your Spotify for artists page and add a fundraising link. This gives listeners the opportunity to tip you as an extra ‘thanks for the music’. So how does it work? Cashapp is how you can receive any monies and is now available to people based in the UK. Paypal is an option too. Add your Cashapp name or your Paypal details to set it up. This is an awesome way to raise more funds while the live gig circuit is out of action.

A lot of big artists have set their fundraising link to support other charities. You don’t have to do that if you’re the one who is in need. It is perfectly fine to link the fundraiser to yourself.


Online gigs


When the lock down madness kicked off, a great supporter of the live music scene known as Success Express, got to work with Go To Beat Music to set up a live online gig platform. Home Made Live was born and artists get 100% of the proceeds for their gig. It’s a pay to view concert platform and a great initiative for independent music. Lorraine Solomons is the person behind Success Express and is open to hearing from artists. Reach out, be polite and professional, and have a great showreel ready. It’s about the music and there are many people working hard to keep the live music scene afloat – even if it’s online for now.

You may want to put on your own virtual concert via Facebook and Instagram. Live stream or prerecord it and add a link for viewers to tip. If you’re going to live stream it make sure the sound quality is spot on! There’s no editing that after the fact. If you’ve got a large YouTube following, put a gig up on there and you can benefit from advertising dollars with enough views. Check out our Guide To Livestreaming for more tips on how to run the best livestream.

Thank you for staying with us through our five tips. Head over to our Creators United page where you can access guides and articles, and live Instagram Q&As. Pop in and benefit from the information and ask us some questions.


We are filled with positive thoughts for the present and the future, and we send them your way. Share your music with the world everyone – it’s part of the healing phenomena.