Well Versed

How to get a Spinnup Scout’s attention

Spinnup Scouts are always scouring the site for new talent to work with. But who are they and what exactly are they looking for?

Every one of our Scouts has been carefully chosen because of their background within music. The team includes people with degrees in music production, educations in music & event management, writers for various music magazines, former musicians, copywriters, music bloggers and employees of TV media channels and nightclubs across Europe. They’re all passionate about helping you with your music career and with their extensive experience and knowledge, they’re certainly up to the job!

Using their artist matching tool, which matches them to suitable artists within their preferred genres, they check out as many artist pages as they can squeeze in. They are looking for music that is new, fresh and effortlessly catchy. It doesn’t have to appeal to everyone but they want to see that you’re a dedicated artist making a statement by being yourself and believing in your music. So have your artist profile ready and give your releases cover art that fits and enhances your image. Take advantage of the other great features on your profile page too, such as linking to all of your social media accounts or adding a video of yourself – it could be a presentation or perhaps a peek at one of your live performances!

Each month, you’ll be given three “pushes” that you can use to push your music to the Scouts you are suited to. So do your research – read about them, get to know them and find the right ingredients to get scouted – push to the right scout and get useful feedback to help your music career. And if you get scouted, they’ll help you with marketing, promotion and more!