How To Engage With Your Fans On Twitch

You’ve probably heard of Twitch as a streaming site for gamers but it’s now much more than that. Twitch is a live streaming platform for creators of any kind and as an independent artist, it’s a great way to build a stronger connection with your fans, especially as recent times have seen Twitch become the go-to spot for livestreaming performances.


So how can you engage with your community on Twitch and increase your following? In this article we give you advice on how to use the platform that’s become essential for artist promotion.


Share your Twitch @ on your other socials


To start with, don’t forget to encourage your already existing community to join you on Twitch. This will help you build up your follower numbers quickly and that your streams get views from the beginning. It’s super easy to share your username and stream links on your other platforms and it will definitely make a change.


Try to understand the platform


Before you start streaming, we recommend you watch several music streams to see how they are organized. You’ll see that streamers are very open to what their fans tell them on Twitch. Once you’ve understood the basics of the platform, you’ll be able to engage efficiently with your fans during your streams and through posts.


Customise your profile


On your feed you will see live streams on which you can read the creator’s bio and get a peek into their world. And just like any platform your content is on – Spotify, Instagram etc – it’s always a good idea to customise and complete your profile. So, come up with a short bio (300 characters maximum) and add a profile picture, links to your profiles on the stores and social media.


To get more visibility on the platform, you can personalise your tags and your channel category in the dashboard, just like you would on YouTube.


Grow your community


Twitch users as a group are very active so make the most of this to gain new fans! The whole platform is made so that creators and users have really high interaction with each other. The more you communicate with users, the more likely they will subscribe to your channel. Don’t forget to invite them to get notifications so they don’t miss any of your streams.



Create a schedule


Once you’re more used to the platform, you’ll notice which type of content works best. Whether it is Q&A sessions, performance streams or tutorials, it’s the perfect occasion to make it recurring content. Twitch lets you create a weekly schedule with the types of content and hours you will be active, which naturally encourages users to come back to your channel and look forward to your programmed streams. You can edit your schedule in the dashboard for your fans will see it on your profile.



Interact during your streams


There are a few features that allow creators to interact with their users so don’t hesitate to try them out to make your stream more exciting and interative. Of course, which features you use and how you use them will depends on the type of stream you’re running, so keep that in mind!


Use the chat to engage with your viewers

Like on Facebook or Instagram Live users can comment on your stream. It’s important to keep an eye on the chat so you don’t miss any questions or recommendations your viewers give. You can let this happen naturally or straight up ask them for feedback, to ask questions, and generally encourage them to actively participate in your stream, which makes it more fun for them and means they’re more likely to return to your channel.


Activate alerts

You can set them up in your dashboard using Streamlabs. These alerts go off when something important happens during your stream. For instance, someone subscribing to you channel would trigger an alert. They look like stickers or animations on your stream and this can encourage the other viewers to interact with your stream.


You’ll also find plenty of great advice on Twitch’s Creator Camp !

For more tips on handling lives, you can check our guide to livestreaming for independent artists. You can totally apply this article’s advice when streaming on Twitch.