How to Edit Your Deezer Artist Profile

At Spinnup we distribute to many online stores and we are proud to include Deezer as one of them. While much attention is put on streaming giants Spotify and Apple Music, Deezer is one of the most used music streaming platforms in Europe, and worldwide, with more than 14 million users, and reportedly the biggest music library of any streaming service.


One of their main features unique to Deezer is ‘Flow’. It’s basically a personal soundtrack for users based on their likes and what they listen to in the app. This means it’s potentially easier for users to stumble upon your tracks compared to other stores, and your artist profile should be ready for it.




You’ve probably noticed you don’t have a lot of choice to customise your profile but Deezer is currently working on its own platform dedicated to artists, similar to Spotify for Artists and Apple Music For Artists. When they do we will update this article with all the information you need to know.

In the meantime, here are the things you can change in your profile:

Your image

Your profile image should be an artist image 500×500 pixels minimum and 3MB max. Accepted formats are jpg, jpeg, png. You can only have one image at the moment so choose wisely!


Your bio

Write a bio to introduce yourself and explain what your music is all about. As this is a store profile, not your website, we recommend keeping it relatively short –  about 100-200 words. Read our advice on how to write the perfect artist bio.



You can also add your social media links that will appear in the hand right corner of your page. This way people who discover your music on Deezer, in ‘Flow’ for instance, will be able to follow you easily and find out more about you.


Touring info

Let your fans know when you’re on tour directly on Deezer with an ‘On tour’ button that leads to ticketing sites.



Any playlists you create will appear in a dedicated tab. Here you will find playlists your tracks feature in, and the playlists you have created. Curating playlists of music you love, or that inspires you (as well as your own tracks, of course), is a great way to engage your fans and help them get to know you better.




To change these features, drop an email to with your artist URL and the changes you want to make and the Deezer team will do it for you.

If you have any questions, you can submit a request on their support page.


The Deezer for artist platform once live will explain all the new features on your Deezer artist page. In the meantime, check out are Deezer Backstage guide to learn how to claim your Deezer artist profile and much more