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How To Create Your Own Artist Site In Seconds With Spinnup

For those of you who have been using Spinnup for a while, you may have noticed a slight change to your Spinnup artist site. This new (and in the words of Baga Chips ‘Much Betta’) update gives you your own glossy, professional and personalised website that you have the option to keep private, push to Universal A&R’s only or, publish as your own site. Head over to Deza’s site to see an example of a brilliant Spinnup website. Making your Spinnup artist site has never been easier but, we’ve included an easy-reading breakdown below:


1. ‘Artist Site’ settings 

These are your privacy settings. In creating your site, do you want to use this as your landing page/website for everyone in the world to access and therefore make it ‘Public’? Create an artist site that is only available for ‘Universal Music’ A&R’s to see? Or, a ‘Private‘ site just for you? (you may use this last setting if you are updating your page and want to make a grand unveiling).


2. Artist Name, Artist Page URL, Artist Logo, Location



Artist Name – Pretty self-explanatory, but essentially, what is your artist name/public name? Don’t worry if this is different from your real name that you signed up for an account with, your real name will not be displayed on your site.

Artist Page URL – This is essentially the same answer as above (i.e. your artist name). Your site url will appear as*YOUR*NAME*

Artist Logo – If you’re fancy, you may have a custom font that you use for your artist name. This is where you would upload this file to show on your site. This can be either a JPEG or PNG with a transparent background (we recommend a transparent background for the best presentation). If you don’t have a ‘Logo’, don’t worry as we will display your name regardless (and you can choose the font).

Location – Again, pretty self-explanatory: in this section, it is best to put where are you based (rather than where you are from) as, it is easier for anyone looking for information on you to find out more accurate information about you.


3. Upload Cover Image


Upload Cover Image – This is where you would upload an image of yourself. Think of this like a Facebook header. We recommend a clean high quality image of yourself or, similar to Deza, an image with your name in it as this will also work.

Full Width/Centered – How do you want your image to be positioned on your page? Would you like it across the whole top section of your site? (and therefore ‘Full Width‘) or, ‘Centered’ in the middle of the top section of your site? (and therefore ‘Centered‘).

You can always experiment between the two to see which one you prefer (none of your choices are permanent so you can change your site whenever you please).


4. Choose background colour 


This is the fun part! You get to pick either a ‘Gradient Colour‘ like the ones in the image above or, a solid colour which will act as your site colour background. You can then also choose your ‘Profile Font‘ which is the font the whole site will be written in and what ‘Language‘ your site appears in.


5. Store Profiles



Add in your Spotify profile link here which will then create a follow button for your site. You can access this by heading over to your Spotify page and:



Clicking on the three dots located next to the ‘Play‘ and ‘Follow‘ button



Select Share and click ‘Copy Artist Link


This link will then be copied for you to insert in the ‘Spotify Profile‘ tab


6. Music



This section will automatically populate with the music you’ve released with Spinnup.


7. Video



This is where you can insert your published music videos or vlogs etc. Simply copy and paste the link of each video you would like to feature. You are limited to 4 videos currently so, choose wisely!


8. Social Media



In this section, you can add all of your social media links that you have as an artist. These will appear as icons on your site. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music and any other links you may have!


9. Artist Image


This is your image gallery. You can choose up to 16 images to upload in this section.


10. Bio

Another self-explanatory one. This is where you insert your biography which will appear at the bottom of your site. You can hyperlink words in this section as well as adding headings.


And that is your new artist site in a nutshell. To see a finished site, be sure to head over to the incredible Deza’s artist site for some inspiration. Be sure to opt into our newsletter so you never miss an update on the artist site builder. Once you’ve finished building your Artist Site and it’s looking great, make sure to share the link across your social media, or even swap it out as the link in your Instagram and Twitter bios, or on your Facebook page. Have fun building your new site!