How To Build Back Confidence In Your Music

With pristine social media images and flawless filtered lifestyles being thrown at you on a daily basis, it’s easy to mistake this edited version or life for how it really is or should be. It’s easy enough to look through profiles of friends and celebrities on a regular basis and start to think that you are less than.


Social media isn’t real life.


It’s a great promotional tool – and yes artists in the industry make shiny posts and over-the-top magnificent album covers, and that is totally cool. You do the same when you’re creating a new release. But, the billion other posts of people’s ‘every day lives’ also show a curated version of that person’s experience and it’s worth keeping in mind that people generally only post the good stuff, and not the bad. For every post from one of your peers you see about a new live show, collaboration or signing there will be a lot you didn’t see about the hard work, failures and tears they may have experienced along the way.

We all compare ourselves against others. It’s human nature. Undoubtably, an intangible self-esteem tester exists so, what should we do to continue believing in ourselves?


How do we overcome the ‘noise’?


First off, we don’t need back to back successful performances to believe. We don’t even need to be the ‘best on the field’. Believing in ourselves is a confidence in our own abilities and some of our abilities are still yet to be realised, whilst some require a sweet pat on the back from our self. You are more than capable and extraordinary. You’ve proven that just by being an artist. Trust us, not everyone can be a musician and each artist has their own thing to offer. Trying to emulate Ariana Grande or Chance the Rapper because you think the industry wants you to will always backfire and lead you to be disappointed in what you’ve achieved.

Reconnect with a childlike confidence


Remember being younger and proclaiming you would be one or a few awesome things when you grew up? That’s the confidence we’re talking about! You didn’t question it. You blurted out what you wanted to be and were sure of it. Find that feeling because that is your true self – and your true self never goes away. It may get buried beneath stupid life stuff from time to time, but it’s there – go uncover it!


Realise people’s opinions are more about them


You will hear a lot of opinions in this business. Some you can take on board to improve yourself, and a lot which are nonsense from people who have an agenda. You’ll know what to listen to; it’s called intuition, that gut feeling). We know when an opinion or advice is helpful (even if it hurts us momentarily) and we know when someone is having a go. Forget the ‘having a go’ people – they may be unhappy with themselves so you’re unfortunately a target for their words. Walk away and take some time out. Breathe and reconnect with your confidence.


You have much to offer and you know what? You will challenge others – let’s call them not nice people – with your abilities and belief in yourself. Fabulous! Let them do them, and you do you. Believe.


You are the one who can believe in you the most


No one believes in other people more than people believe in themselves. Where have we heard that before? Many greats in history tell a version of that. High achievers, global company owners often say you must believe in yourself otherwise no one else will. You must love yourself otherwise no one else will. It’s a universal law. Help yourself and others will show up to help you. We’re all happy to help those who are putting everything they have into achieving something. We are happy to believe in someone who BELIEVES in themselves. It’s contagious.


Get experience


Record more, play more, rehearse more, connect more. Practice the art of refining your skills. The more you do and attempt to do will directly translate into your confidence levels. It’s ok to bomb onstage sometimes – that is much better than not getting on stage at all. You learn much from it. Pick yourself back up, learn, and get on that stage again. The more experience you can get, the better you will be AND you won’t be basing your worth on crowd reaction because you will have seen it all. Some people like that one song that doesn’t work at a different gig. So what? Get experience, learn, refine, and continue.


Don’t let rejection or bullying stop you


There will be multiple setbacks in this industry, and it takes dedication and persistence to succeed. Guess what? Dedication and persistence are by products of confidence. Tori Kelly is an artist that has seen her fair share of setbacks. Rejected by Simon Cowell and now managed by Scooter Braun. A rollercoaster of career highs and lows. Tori has been quoted saying “believe in yourself and don’t be bullied”. There are so many others you can read about here


Not allowing anyone to bully you does not mean you have to be an asshole. Standing up for yourself is more attractive when it’s done with class. We back that 100%. According to universal law, in order to allow others to believe in you even more than they do, is to believe in yourself more than they ever could (see how that works there). Everyone will be pulled along for the ride and we, personally, are raring to go.


Where to next?


We are looking forward to sharing your music with the world, and if you have yet to jump onboard with us, we hope you will consider doing so. Support is here for you either way with an abundance of blog topics like What to Expect in a Label Meeting, alongside our superstar team on hand to answer your queries. We too understand what it takes to succeed and have the privilege of watching our artists develop.


A fulfilling career is within reach. You must match the vision with persistence and relentless belief in yourself and what you are doing. Fulfilling means all sorts of things to different people, but what does it mean to you? Figure that out and go for it. Play and record and rehearse, then take notes and refine and repeat. Market yourself and ask for help from those you have made meaningful connections with. It all adds up to a larger snowball.


You are the confidence you had as a kid – maybe you still have it. Maybe you need to uncover it. But it’s there.