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Hemi Moore X Black History Month

The below is a personal and indepth thought piece by Spinnup Artist Hemi Moore who shares with us his thoughts on societal and structural Racism and, how he touched on this with his powerful track ‘When?‘:




It really puzzles me how we can all sit here and claim that we are building a better world, a better future when we refuse to see how other people have been living.


Decades after decades, Black people have been compromised by the system, we have been let down and whenever we speak out, our problems get shelved like low value products in supermarkets. Evidence has surfaced showing un-human acts that are still being committed and yet, we still have people who refuse to take off their blind folds due to their ignorance.


To be honest, we are not really asking for much. All we want is freedom; freedom of movement, freedom from being harassed by the police, freedom to make our own choices, freedom to express our culture wherever we are. Freedom from being seen as if we are less than you. Freedom to build our communities.


Nothing separates us from any other race, we have contributed enough to this world from inventions, science, education, medicine, arts, sports and businesses. We have been putting in work.


‘When?’ Video


Inspiration: During the summer we wanted to shoot a music video but we were at the height of lockdown and the Black Lives Matter movement which made it particularly difficult.


In the vast amount of coverage of the protests, we found Dan Song‘s footage via Instagram. We saw an opportunity to use this footage to highlight the movement as an outsider looking in.




Thank you so much to Hemi Moore for using his voice and art to create a movement. We are both honoured and proud to have the opportunity to support artists just like Hemi who continue to set the bar higher and higher for us all.


‘When?’ is available on all streaming platforms now via Spinnup and be sure to listen to the inspirations behind the breathtaking track through his own playlist of selections below: