Hashtag hashtag hashtag – what does it mean for me?

Ah the hashtag.  Best way to be discoverable on Instagram.  Instagram limits the number of hashtags on each post to 30.  Some people utilise all 30, while others find good momentum with half that number.  The trick is to use tags that drive traffic to your post, and balance between ones you use on every post, and others unique to just that photo or video. 


How to find hashtags that work for me

You can simply jump on google and search top hashtags, and hashtags for music.  This can work well, but beware of the ones that are too generic and the ones that have half a billion posts on them.  These ones will drown your content in a nanosecond and also welcome spammers.

The easiest thing to do is search a hashtag on instagram and you can see the number of posts it has, along with other suggestions – and also look at the type of content that is posted within that tag.  This is important to check out to make sure you’re happy that it fits your brand. If you haven’t got a clear idea of your brand, read our guide to branding yourself as an artist.  


Choosing #music is very general. Under this hashtag search you will find #musicislife which has fewer posts and is more specific. Take it further than that. Think about what you do with music, what you do in business. Think about what your fans are looking for. Is it a #summerhit or perhaps #awesomethoughts.


What are you favourite influencers doing

The big players often have a team looking after their instagram. Look at the hashtags they use and investigate if they will work for you also. Remember to choose the ones that are relevant and that have posts of 50million or less. This is best to increase your chances of being seen. Once you gain a bigger following you can use the tags that have more content as you will stay closer to the top. 


Go for the repost

Getting a repost from an influencer can skyrocket your follower count. There are Instagram accounts that will repost your pic with a link to your page. What you do is add a specific hashtag to your post and perhaps the influencer will like it and repost. These accounts have huge followings so getting their attention will help you no end! They have their own dedicated hashtag that you can use to try and get noticed by them. Of course, your post must be interesting and great to look at. It’s not just the hashtag that will alert them of your existence. Why would they repost you?  Because your posts are worth sharing. Think about the posts you are drawn to from others. Why do you like them? Imagine you will be showing your post to your favourite idol. Will you be excited or embarrassed? Create something you will be excited to share.

Look at Instagram accounts by people or companies in the music industry and find their dedicated hashtag – and use it!  Sometimes they show their hashtags in their bio. Hit us up @spinnup or tag #spinnup we love checking you out!

Instagram can be as much or as little work as you want. Your actions must match your goals. If you’re happy with a small community that’s great. But if you want to get attention from a large number of people then match your hashtag work ethic to that goal.