Hängslena Brinner: Progg 2.0

Thursday 26 September. One of Spinnup’s scouted bands Hängslena Brinner are performing live at Debaser Slussen. Their scout, John Strömberg, gives us the lowdown on the group:

Hängslena have largely been inspired by the early Swedish Progg and Punk scenes. With their album they’ve taken Swedish Progg to another level – Progg 2.0 if you like! It’s original, fresh and gives the current, tired DJ/House scene a much-needed shot in the arm. Their most popular song on Spotify is Ett medelklassbarn followed by Skit i dom – both are up-beat tracks that make you want to dance and sing along.

With their strong melodies and lyrics, Hängslena will treat you to a performance you won’t forget in a very long time. So make sure you get yourself down to Debaser Slussen by 8pm, have a beer and enjoy the show!