Good news hip-hop artists

Here’s some great news for hip-hop and urban artists. According to data from Nielsen Music, more than one third of all music streaming in 2018 is made of Rap, Hip Hop and R&B! The genre has the highest on demand streams accounting for 36.4% of total streams for the beginning of 2018. If you’re less urban-inclined don’t worry, as Rock comes second with 17.7% concerning on demand streams, followed by Pop with 15.7%.

It’s undeniable that rap and hip-hop rule streaming nowadays. A striking example is the huge success of rap playlists curated by music services, such as Rap Caviar on Spotify, which has almost 10m followers!

Click here to read the full article from Nielsen with stats breakdown, including how well each format is faring in 2018.

Did you know hip-hop is also the most popular genre on Spinnup! If you want to add a new track to that, head to your artist account.

While we’re on the topic, why not check out some of our favourite hip hop artists on Spinnup


Ahzumjot is a German rap and hip-hop artist who released his first album ‘Monty’ in 2011. But he’s not just a rapper – he writes his tracks, produces them and even does the mixing and mastering himself. He’s in charge of the visual of his releases and merch as well as the cutting of his videos.

Check out his latest music video for his single ‘Milch’

He continues to explore various formats that the streaming era has made possible, such as releasing the tracks of his album on several different dates (just like a playlist in a More Life way). Plus he hints at upcoming songs in his tracks, creating a puzzle-like discography where every track slots into its place at the right time.

It’s important to Ahzumjot to give his songs equal space without some getting all the attention, which can often happen when releasing an album. That’s why he likes to release one track at a time, this way he’s able to make last minute changes but it’s also a way to have new content coming in regularly and keep fans entertained.

He went on his ‘Raum Tour’ in Germany in May and he’s also playing at numerous festivals in Germany until August.

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Lucy Camp

US Spinnup artist Lucy Camp is based in San Jose, California. She shifts between rapping and singing so easily it makes her songs astounding. Lucy and her team don’t really stick to one genre, and we’ve loved watching her experiment with different rapping techniques.

She crafts great rhymes with meaningful and personal lyrics, which always come together to work really well.

‘Disguise’ is her latest release and the first since her EP ‘Whispers’, where she explored personal themes such as self-discovery, family and relationships.

Check out her music video for her latest single ‘Disguise’. Amazingly, she wrote the lyrics, recorded it and shot the video all in one day!

Lucy’s very active on social media and has a lively community of fans with over 36K likes on her Facebook page. She posts a tonne of videos, from music clips to videos of her rapping in Spanish across her socials. She also answers questions from fans on Twitter. Make sure to follow her Instagram too and subscribe to her Youtube channel.

The High Breed

The High Breed are an experimental hip-hop trio based in Bristol, UK, made of producer James and brothers Keita and Samora. Keita and James met at university but it wasn’t until they graduated that they really considered recording seriously, and at this point Samora took part in the process.

Having grown up together they have many musical influences in common including soul, jazz and reggae. But they chose to use rap to convey deep messages and unite minds. What is key importance to them is to produce music that has soul and pushes boundaries.

Watch their latest music video for ‘Daydream’ taken from their EP ‘Entrapment’, which was shot in a superb location

In ‘Entrapment, their latest release and experimental EP, they chose to have a more trap sound than they used previously, and adding new layers and displaying their musical versatility.

You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where they post videos and news! Check out their Youtube channel for more music videos