Get to know: Dan from Island Records

We caught up with our Guest Scout Dan from the legendary Island Records for a little chat to get to know him a bit better. Read below to find out more about him, and get an idea of what kind of artists he’s on the look out for, it could improve your chances!

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SU: What was the first record you bought?
Dan: I think it was Beatles – Abbey Road, timeless classic.

SU: What would you say is your music guilty pleasure?
Dan: Ryan Paris – Dolce Vita

SU: What is your choice of listening right now?
Dan: Bon Iver – 22, A Million, I think it’s quite a lot of peoples right now

SU: What gets you excited about an artist?
Dan: I’d have to say, if they have an identity and if they push boundaries they will grab my attention easily – whether this is lyrically or with something like production.

SU: What are you working on at the moment?
Dan: At the moment I’m working on projects for JP Cooper, Sean Paul, Toothless & Sälen. All great and exciting artists for Island at the moment.

SU: In your career so far, what is your proudest achievement?
Dan: My move from press to A&R has to be the answer, everyone dreams of having a role within A&R so I’m glad to have been given the opportunity to make the move from PR to here.

SU: The best thing about working at Island is?
Dan: The culture of the label by far! Despite being a major it clearly has a brand of what their roster is and what it wants to have.  

SU: Which song kickstarts your day?
Dan: The whole Top Gun soundtrack

SU: If there was one artist you could have signed, who would it have been?
Dan: Arctic Monkeys, most definitely!

SU: What do you get up to on your day to day at Island?
Dan: Listening to a of music! A lot of my job involves getting our signed artists’ records ready; right from the recording up to the final mastering and delivery.

SU: In your opinion what is the biggest hurdle facing unsigned artists at the moment?
Dan: There’s so many acts coming through that are streaming well but converting streams into real fans, who sell records and tickets, seems like such an unknown territory which few get right.

SU: What do you think is the most common mistake that artists make?
Dan: Signing large deals. The expectation is huge and you’re expected to sell a huge number of records on your first album.

SU: How did you get your start in music?
Dan: I used to run a small label and club nights in Leicester, and then from that I started as a press intern at Island before moving to A&R. 

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