Georgian Waters put on glittering performance at Debaser Medis

On 14 September, Georgian Waters played Debaser Medis in their hometown of Stockholm.

Since I started scouting them in June, I’ve seen them play live three times, but this gig was their biggest to date. With a huge screen in the background, displaying projections of glittering stars and psychedelic patterns, they opened with their brand new singles “Prism” and “Palm Trees”. Both tracks are shimmering pop songs with perfect melodies, but importantly they fit really well into their live set, which also includes some dreamy slow-burners such as “What is in Your Heart” and “Dead in No Time”. Another pop-oriented new song, which might be their next single, was also introduced during the set. It’s really exciting to follow Georgian Waters as they continue to make progress and develop their own identity with each new release. And let’s face it, how many other new bands are releasing this many new songs in such quick succession?

georgian waters 2