Georgian Waters on their latest song ‘Midsummer Air’

Georgian Waters wanted to tell us more about their creative process and how they came up with their latest song Midsummer Air:

We already had some finished songs when we started this single-series concept however we were writing new songs during the recording process and while releasing songs. ‘Midsummer Air’ came into being out of a jam session we were having in rehearsal. It started with the melody, Erik was humming different melodies and sang a lot of random words, the way he always does when there are no lyrics yet .

It’s rare that a song comes out of nothing during rehearsal. Previously, it was common that we had writing sessions to which we took a basic idea or a melody that we then built a song around. Nowadays it’s a little bit of all, jamming, rehearsing and writing sessions .

The more we play together the more we understand how ‘Disney’ our music actually is. It is the common thread. There’s not much to say about what the lyrics of ‘Midsummer Air’ are about, we hope the song speaks for itself. The second track ‘Heaven’ is inspired by the song ‘Inner City Life’ by Goldie.

‘Midsummer Air’ is different from our previous releases but we’ve seen it as a positive thing to have a wide range of songs. We think it’s awesome and fun to have different songs and flirt with different styles but it’s not something we do consciously.

We make music for ourselves, but it’s great that so many people like what we are doing. Especially with this release, so it has been great really. We will continue releasing singles and writing awesome songs and have already started the recording of the next two singles that we actually want to hold off on releasing right away. There are lots of new songs in store.

The goal is to record a debut album in a real studio as opposed to recording the songs in our living room as we have been doing. We will continue to do live shows as well as we have done throughout the year. The latest gig, at Debaser Medis, was just absolutely crazy, a lot of colors, visuals and dolphin sounds.