Georgia Meek – Just Kids (New Single)

We have been blessed yet again by the immense vocals of Georgia Meek as she releases her newest track ‘Just Kids‘.


Released in anticipation of her newest 4 track self-titled EP (in stores later this year), ‘Just Kids‘ marks a stark contrast from her recent pop smashes released as part of her 2019 EP ‘Pop Culture‘, encompassing a poetic reflection on friendships moving on with age. With minimalistic and haunting production and timbre that is somewhat reminiscent of the young soloists 2018 debut single, ‘Bare‘, which notably launched her viral career as a songstress. Dark and nostalgic, the track shows massive promise as a powerful demonstration of her maturity as both writer and performer.


“I’ve got a couple of EP’s dropping this year” Georgia explained, “…but I wanted to use the colder months of 2020 to get some down tempo tracks out that I’ve been sitting on. ‘Just Kids’ is a letter to the friends of my youth, who I’ve had to move on from for all sorts of reasons, whether it’s that we now live on other sides of the world, or simply that we’ve grown into different people. Sometimes you have to learn to move on from the past but be able to look back on it fondly.”

This deeply moving track has quickly become our favourite, so make sure you check it out below. Be sure you also follow her over on her Instagram​, Twitter​ , Facebook​ , Website​ Spotify and ​​SoundCloud to keep up to date with her new releases.