Get heard with Gelato STHLM!

It has been almost six months since Spinnup first partnered up with Gelato STHLM. By distributing your music with Spinnup, you have the chance to get noticed by Gelato STHLM, perform live at their events, and gain interest from major label, Universal music.

Gelato STHLM has continued making moves in the local music scene and establish themselves in their hometown of Stockholm. We caught up with the guys from Gelato STHLM to get to know them a bit more, find out what they’ve been up to, and what we have too look forward to in 2018. Plus more about their collaboration with us here at Spinnup of course!

How has the past six months been for you? What have you been up to regarding music events?

The past six months have been very exciting. We finished our great (and constantly buzzing) summer residency at Berns Terrace with a big bang! After that we took a little break and began a residency at Urban Deli Sveavägen, and also did a few “Gelato Pop Up” parties with Spinnup.

What is the difference between your residencies and “Gelato Pop Up parties”?

During our residencies we usually have one spot where we do events every week, or every other week. Our pop up parties usually have some sort of theme, and we try to find new and interesting venues. For example, we did a pop up party for Lucia, where the amazing Spinnup rapper Sabrina Zutikno was our “hiphop Lucia”. You can check out the video below.

We had two “Gelato STHLM x Spinnup” events at Orangeriet last fall and winter where we invited artists that were scouted from Spinnup and gave them  the chance to perform for an intimate crowd at a great venue. Sara Bogale, Vilhelm Lizell, Daggi Zegreat and Lova all performed. We also brought super talented rapper from Gothenburg Felix Abebe as a special guest to join us when we held a pop up event at Kåken. All the artists were found by scouts from Spinnup and have their music released on Spotify and several other streaming services, thanks to  you guys.

It seem like you have been really busy! What are your plans for 2018?

We are planning bigger and better events! We will continue with our residency at Urban Deli Sveavägen. We’re always looking for talented artists that would like to perform – we do quite a bit of scouting on Spinnup’s platform, and there’s so much great music out there to pick from. If you would like to join us, don’t hesitate to send us a push, or swing by one of our events! You can also contact Spinnup and register here to distribute your music on Spinnup and start the process to get in touch with us. 

We are also super excited to be curating our very own Spotify playlist with Spinnup! We will be posting a variety of music from artists that have performed for us, that we like, that are buzzing or whom we think should be getting more exposure. Don’t forget to follow it!

That sounds great! Do you have any advice to artists that would like to perform at your events?

Make yourself heard! We are always eager to hear new music and to champion artists we believe in. Don’t hesitate to send us your music or register at Spinnup here!