Spinnup partners with Gelato STHLM

Hi there!

The Spinnup-team in Sweden has some exciting upcoming news for all our Swedish artists out there!

We have been meeting up with the creative platform/event-movement Gelato STHLM that hosts really cool and edgy events around the Swedish territories, where they have awesome DJs in different genres, combined with performances from great unsigned artists. We want to give you the chance to pop up at one of their events soon, but first we want you to get to know them a little bit! Here’s an interview and some tips for you from the men who started it all: Mamba, Cheicki and Jeki:


Tell us about Gelato’s background

Gelato STHLM was founded in May 2016. We are basically three DJ’s with different music tastes and backgrounds, but with a united ambition to move forward. Cheicki’s musical field is urban and he plays hiphop, r&b, afrobeat with caribbean vibes. Jeki covers the best selection of future-beat and funk when he’s in the booth, and Mamba is our very own house guru.

We were all involved in different DJ and club projects before we formed Gelato STHLM. Last year we were given the opportunity to hold club nights at Berns (one of Stockholm’s best and well kept clubs) once a week. We saw this as a great opportunity to evolve and decided to run with it. Our aim was to be as creative as possible and that’s what we been doing since our opening. By bringing our own skills and experiences to the table we believe that there is endless potential to do something innovative and fun. Gelato STHLM is a creative platform for all different types of art, with music being the foundation. We regularly invite singers, rappers, artists, DJs, comedians, etc. It is all about having fun and we are having a blast working on all sorts of creative activities together.

Where do you look for new music?

We look wherever we can find it. Great sources are Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes, blogs and recommendations from other DJs. Also Youtube channels are a great place to find gems!

What elements make a really good song according to you?

Mamba: I would say the overall feeling of the song, but a great melody or bassline combined with a groovy beat goes a long way. It is fun to see artists/producers break new ground by experimenting.

Cheicki: I will agree with Mamba about the overall feeling and melody but I’m also looking for something unique, crispy and something that touches your soul. Living in the great era of digital music evolution it becomes more and more important to create your own rather than copy the majority.

What are three important things for upcoming artists to think about when performing live?

Jeki: Confidence in your music, pride in performing it and lastly, but most importantly, some element of crowd work. Acknowledge the crowd and make them feel like this show is for them and not for you.

Cheicki: First off, practice makes perfect so you need have the patience and grow for every performance you have (Rome wasn’t built in one day). Second, you need to find what makes you stick out from everyone else. Third and last ENJOY the moment when you’re on stage and let the music flow through your body, mind and soul.

Here’s a small snippet from one of Gelato’s latest performers:

What are Gelato’s plans for the future?

We have a lot of good stuff cooking in the Gelato factory, with interesting projects we want to execute. During the coming months we will be having Gelato Pop ups at different venues around Stockholm. We will also look to expand our Gelato Showcase, where we scout up-and coming artists we want to perform on our stage. Who knows, maybe next time will be one of the great artists from Spinnup! 😉

This summer’s residency at Berns Terrace is nearing it’s end and we will throw a big 1-year/season finale party 6/9. Hope to see you there!