French Spinnup artist Asakura signed to Universal!

At  only 21 Asakura is one of those artists who doesn’t need to speak loud to be heard. Four months ago, without a release to his name no one had heard of this young artist with the hushed voice, but Asakura reached the top in record time. He was discovered by the team at Spinnup France and has now signed with Mercury, one of Universal Music’s labels AND Universal Music Publishing France, making him the first artist discovered through Spinnup to be offered a recording deal and a publishing deal at the same time.

How did he get here? Let’s look back on this success story.


Asakura is one of a kind in urban music

With his own unique style in urban music, Asakura tests afrotrap’s boundaries, sometimes verging on the edge of pop. He stands out from the crowd with his deep voice and his melodic, danceable flow, but also thanks to his glowing charisma. Born to a Togolese father and a French mother, Asakura started his artistic career at a young age with stand-up comedy but only started creating music in 2018.

Encouraged by his influencer sister Yeux Ebènes, and inspired by the emergence of a soaring new urban genre, Asakura released Karaba, his first music video on Youtube and caught the attention of many with almost 2 million views today.


He then released “Appels manqués (3)” and “Tekale” which followed suit and also became hits.


From Spinnup to Mercury and Publishing

Choosing Spinnup to release his first single Karaba, it took just a few weeks for the track to gain a tonne of organic visibility. The track featured on many playlists, boosting it’s viral feel. Asakura presents his music as an artistic statement, with a style that merges rap and club music.

A few weeks later, Spinnup got in contact to introduce Asakura to different Universal entities. He released another single right away and then started working in the studio with a beatmaker signed with Universal Publishing to craft his latest song Tekale. This one promises to be even more successful than his first two tracks.

After being discovered and taken care of by Spinnup, Asakura was offered a label deal with Mercury and Universal Music Publishing in November.



The 8th signing of the year

After Nelick, Patay, Guldtand, 404 Billy, Pollux, MAES, and Leprom, Asakura is the eigth Spinnup artist to be discovered this year, and the fifth from France to sign with a Universal label.

Big congratulations to Asakura – we’re sure to see big things coming from this artist and we can’t wait to hear what he has in store for us.