Five must-have content assets for your next single release

As an artist or band working in the music industry, you are certain to need a lot of content to keep your marketing campaign alive these days. Leading content commissioning platform Radar Creatives share their five must-have assets you’ll need to make a success of your next single campaign.

1. Video
Your music video should be the centre-piece of your campaign and can be used to gain exclusive premieres, an increased reach on your socials and numerous placements on blogs. Aside from this main video, you may wish to consider a lyric video and a live session video as these assets will help your campaign run for longer with a more effective reach. Aside from them being more opportunities for premieres and blog placements, they are also great content to share on your social channels as video is favoured in many of the algorithms.


2. Photos
From promo shots to live photography, photos are fantastic and necessary content for your marketing campaigns. When it comes to promo photos, think of eye-catching ideas for your concept. Music blogs receive hundreds to thousands of emails a day and having photos that stand out is often cited as the reason for why they choose to feature an act. Avoid shooting in black and white. We know it can look amazing, but print press ALWAYS ask for colour! So ask your photographer for some black and white versions for your socials – but never lose your full colour options because you’ll be throwing your money down the drain and your PR will not be impressed. Aside from these more official shots, it might be worth capturing 360 photos when in the studio or back stage pre-show too, as this content is a real asset for your social channels.

3. Single art
Whilst we may now live in a digital world where physical sales are limited, visuals around your music are actually more important than ever. Great single art will open more doors for your campaign not just in music press but creative press too. Plus it is more visually stunning content for social channels such as Instagram.



4. Social design
Making sure you have eye catching social covers and profiles is something that can often be forgotten about in your release campaign. By creating a few exciting social covers, you can build excitement and momentum ahead of your release and show yourself to be a professional and credible artist.

5. Gifs
A must for your social media, the gif. From promoting your single release to a live show ahead of release, gifs are a fun way to engage with your fan-base.

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So there it is – our 5 must-have content assets you’ll need for your next release. Want to commission the best creatives to help you achieve great results in your next campaign? Browse Radar’s talented creatives now:

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