Femtastic on the campaign trail

The feminist collective Femtastic has just released their new single “FATTA”, featuring the talents of Cleo, Syster Sol, Kristin Amparo and Nasteho Osman. The song was inspired by a campaign of the same name to raise awareness of sexual consent, aimed at helping victims of rape and assault.

“The song has managed to create a forum where people, particularly women, have been able to share their experiences with each other”, says Vanessa Marko, founder of Femtastic. The campaign objectives are to change attitudes, strengthen legislation and improve conviction rates – a topic of global resonance, as witnessed by this week’s convictions in the Delhi gang rape case.

Femtastic is active in the equality debate, in particular motivating young women to participate in the urban music scene, where women have historically been under-represented. They encourage their members to make their voices heard, assert themselves and express their art. Above all, they always make sure their audience is entertained and has a great time!

On Friday 13 September they will be celebrating the release of “FATTA” with a party at Färgfabriken. Judging by the initial response to both the single and the event, it’s clear Femtastic has many supporters that want to join them in promoting their cause.

Femtastic are in confident mood for autumn and they have loads of ideas about what they want to do next. At the moment, Cleo is working on an album and Syster Sol will be releasing hers in October, having the crew around to give them their full backing. Femtastic’s Vanessa Marko is excited – they have a lot planned and might be releasing an album in the near future, so stay tuned!

Listen to their new single “FATTA” here.