Dolly Dolores signs to Universal Music Sweden!

Swedish pop singer Dolly Dolores is the third artist to be signed via Spinnup to Universal Music. She released her song “På måndag börjar jag igen” in April 2014 and stood out right from the start!

When Dolores released the song, she was instantly picked up by Spinnup scout Ali Vedadi. The song was introduced to A&R’s at Universal Music and from there, the wheels were set in motion.

Dolores is used to doing things on her own – She managed to get “På måndag börjar jag igen”  on the radio and was introduced on TV even before getting signed. Today, the single was released again, but this time under Stranded Rekords (part of Universal Music Sweden).

Listen to the song HERE and check out her FACEBOOK.

To celebrate this, we’re offering 10 free single releases on Spinnup during the weekend (expires on Monday, September 22nd). Use the discount code DollyDolores when creating your single. Since there are only 10 available, hurry up and get started!