Digital Music Services

The internet has made the music market place an exciting yet daunting place for a new artist.  With so many potential homes for your music which ones do you choose? In which order? Are some better for certain things? Which one will make me the most money?

Rather than worrying about which digital music service you should be using, think about how you can use all of them to your best advantage. Spinnup removes the confusion of how to get your music on the major online music services like Spotify and iTunes by doing that for you quickly and simply. But what else should you be thinking about?

For any new artist SoundCloud and YouTube should be your first points of call. As soon as you start gigging these are really useful for giving people a point of reference to engage with you. They allow people who have enjoyed your music live to invest more time and discover more about you, to hear your music as and when they like. Someone who would have been just another person who had seen you at a gig is now a fan.


For SoundCloud you should post a good quality live recording or if you have studio recordings then put one of them up. Be careful about  putting all your recordings up at once as you need to think about how you’re going to keep people’s intrigue at a maximum and how you are ever going to make any money out of your tracks.A lot of artists post one or two tracks at a time and rotate them with the other recordings they have to keep things fresh.

When thinking about creating a YouTube profile be selective with what you post, wobbly live recordings on a smartphone from gigs where the sound wasn’t incredible to begin with – leave those to people who were at the gig rather than posting yourself. Acoustic versions of your songs with you singing in your bedroom (or any room, you choose) can be an interesting and intimate way to give your music without compromising the value of your recordings. Jessie J had a large following on YouTube from just her singing wearing her PJs in her bedroom.

As you start to gain more of a following you will want to start thinking, more and more about  release your music commercially and thus a bit of money from your music. Different services vary in terms of how they work. A download from iTunes pays a one off royalty fee for example whereas Spotify charge recurring subscription fees from their members and then every month divide up the royalties from those subscriptions according to how much each track was played during the month. For unsigned artists This is where SpinnUp comes in. We can get your music on all the major online stores and services worldwide such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play while you keep 100% of the royalties. Plus our unique network of scouts have a direct line into the world’s number one record company, Universal Music. Find out more and get started here.

Digital is all well and good but being a band starting in a small town will involve other things. 5 things all local bands should remember.