Denniz Pop Awards

Do you want the chance to win one of Scandinavias biggest awards?

You as a artist, band, songwriter and producer should apply for this great prize “Rookie Award” at Denniz Pop Awards. You’ll get recognized and judged by some of the biggest people in the music industry like Tove Lo, Max Martin and many more. The prize is a great push in your music career, and $10.000!!!


Last day to apply for this is on May 7th
So hurry up and get your songs ready to send them in!
You can enter here:

What is Denniz Pop Awards?

In 2013, the members of the Swedish music company Cheiron started Denniz Pop Award to honor one of the greatest songwriter and producer of Sweden whose name was Dag Krister Volle, but people around the world know him as Denniz Pop.

Before Denniz Pop passed away in cancer in 1998, he worked closely with artists like Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys and Nsync and put his mark on the new sound of pop that became big in the world in that era.


Denniz Pop Awards is a non-profit event for aspiring artists, songwriter and producers with great potential and to win a award here helps liftning them to reach a music career on an international level.

The jury consists some of the greatest artists, songwriters and producers of Scandinavia and most of them were close friends and colleagues of Denniz Pop. Max Martin, Tove Lo, Laleh, Rami Yacoub and Andreas Carlsson just to name a few!

This is something we want all our Spinnup-members to apply to! Who knows, maybe you will get something interesting out of applying to this 😉

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