Comeback: Christoffer Hiding!

Known as the soulful singer from the Swedish Idols, he is back with the new single “Shine On” from the upcoming album: Yes, Higher! – “I couldn’t have done this without my fans”, he says – The song is now available and distributed by Spinnup.

Being top 6 in the Sweden Idols year 2007, Christoffer got famous over night and everyone loved his interpretation of Nelly Furtado’s “Say it Right”. Even though the future for success was right in front of him, he chose to travel around Sweden to record his own music. With soulful depth he has a magical way of expressing emotions through his songs. He realized the desire for performing live after participating in Melodifestivalen 2011 where he was singing along Swingfly “Me and my drum”.

He explains that his upcoming album is very special to him. Christoffer wouldn’t have been able to create it, if it wasn’t for his faithful fans giving donations voluntarily trough a fundraiser that he started in 2012. Overwhelmed by the response, with lots of excitement he started recording and writing new material – “I am truly grateful for the support they’ve given and hope that they will like what they hear”, he says.

Today Christoffer is more than ready to continue his music career and thrilled about sharing the upcoming album: Yes, Higher! The first single “Shine on”, is an organic and playful soul song that underlines how not to get stuck in bitterness but being able to forgive and looking forward. You will get uplifted! Distributed by Spinnup, it’s now available in all major digital stores.

Listen to his single “Shine On” here.