The lead single “Slow Moves” (described by new music site The Peel as “insanely catchy guitar-based pop”) is out now on Spinnup and is taken from OH MY!’s debut album, due for release this autumn.

Spinnup talks to two of OH MY!’s band members – bassist, Adrian Karlman, and guitarist, Martin Huss – fresh from their appearance at the Hultsfred Festival in Sigtuna.

How did you get to play at Hultsfred?
Martin: We were rehearsing in one of Sensus rehearsal rooms and found out they were sponsoring a band per day to play at the festival, so we put ourselves forward. We were incredibly honored to be chosen by the festival organizers, FKP Scorpio, to perform on the Friday. It was a dream come true to play at Hultsfred.

How did you get to know each other and when was the band formed?
Martin: Actually, we’re old friends, we all went to the same high school and most of us have known each other since we were kids. We formed the band in 2008, but we were playing separately before that in various bands. We started jamming at my dad’s place, with the idea of being a punk band, but when we did our first gig we realized our natural sound was more pop.

The single you’re releasing on Spinnup, “Slow Moves”, could you tell us how the song came about?
Martin: Johan Åkerström, our singer, wrote this song – he writes a lot of the material. So he played it to us and together we gave it the OH MY! stamp, adjusted the arrangement, so it’s tight but at the same time it’s got energy.

Adrian: For example, playing on just one string on one guitar and contrasting that with a colorful riff on the second guitar, that’s trademarked OH MY!

Can you tell us about your upcoming debut album?
Adrian: We’ve all been involved with these songs from the beginning, so we have a strong identity with them and the music is close to our hearts.

Martin: We recorded the album with producer Ronald Bood. We actually finished it a year ago, but first there were some delays and when something’s taken this long, you don’t want to let go until it feels a hundred percent right. There are eleven tracks on the album – we started out with many more and had to whittle it down to our eleven best songs. Each track should be able to stand on its own while contributing to the greater whole.

Originally from Sundsvall and now based in Stockholm, OH MY! consists of five band members: vocalist Johan Åkerström, guitarists Martin Huss and Emil Källman, Adrian Karlman on bass and Adam Lodin on drums.