February 24, 2017

Interview with Maggie Rogers

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Spotify for Artists makes verification easier

Want to get verified on Spotify and edit your artist profile?
It’s now easier than ever!

Spotify is very important to us here at Spinnup – it is one of the major online retailers we distribute each and every one of our artists to, and we collect Spotify trend data which we give to our artists in the ‘Stats & Activity‘ of their account, which we believe is very important to knowing how your music is going. Plus they started in Sweden, just like us!

Lately Spotify has been going through some changes, which can have an impact on each and every one of you, both as artists and as listeners. So if you find yourself asking, “what’s new with Spotify? And how will it affect me?” Well, we got you covered.


Fan Insights / Spotify For Artists

Back in late 2015 we told you all about Spotify’s beta version of Fan Insights, but now *drumroll please* Fan Insights has been renamed ‘Spotify for Artists‘ and is available to all artists!

In the two years since Spotify launched data tools for artists, they have been talking (and listening) to artists and management teams all over the world to optimise this aspect of their service and make it as useful as possible.

Spotify describes the reincarnation of their data tool as “a one-stop shop designed to guide you through Spotify.” What they mean by this is Spotify for Artists will help you access improved audience insights, song data and play listing information

This helps you get to know your fans better by finding out where they live, how old they are, what features they’re using to discover your music, and what other artists they are listening to. Just read the testimonials of artists who have used the new Spotify data to make more informed touring and release decisions, which means you can too. 

As well as improving their data insights tools, it is now easier than ever to manage your Spotify artist profile and…

Get Verified!

No longer do you have to wait until you have 250 followers to even be able to apply for verification. Instead, now all you need to do is have access to Spotify for Artists!

If you don’t already have access to Spotify for artists, click here and follow the steps to access your account.

But if you’re already verified don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything to keep the pretty blue tick on your profile. The new verification system means you’ll use Spotify for Artists to add and remove playlists from your profile, but use your personal account to create and edit them.
Read more about Spotify’s new artist verification here.


Artist Profile

Now that you’re a bonafide and verified Spotify artist you are able to freely edit your public profile! Get your creative hats on because now you can update your artist image as often as you change your outfit – sounds like a lot of work, but each to their own! You can also show people what music you’re jamming to by choosing your ‘artist’s pick’ that sits at the top of your profile, and add playlists – either ones you’ve created or your favourites that you want to share with your fans.

That’s a lot of info, so to break it down…

What does this mean for existing verified artists?

  • You will keep your verification and all playlists will remain
  • You will now add and remove playlists in Spotify for Artists, but you create and edit them from your personal account, like always
  • If you’re using Fan Insights, you need to switch to using Spotify for Artists

What if I’m not verified?

  • You can become verified really easily, simply by accessing Spotify for Artists, no more 250 followers!
  • You will need to add/remove playlists in Spotify for Artists, but create and edit them from your personal account
  • All blue ticks should appear around early May, so you may need to wait a few weeks for it to appear on your profile.

There is so much on offer here for you to take advantage of, so access Spotify for Artists and explore the full rundown of new features on the Spotify blog.

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Prior's Court Song recording

Spinnup distributes ‘Let Me Shine’ for Prior’s Court on World Autism Awareness Day

To raise awareness for World Autism Day on April 2nd, UK charity Prior’s Court has released the single ‘Let Me Shine’ on Spinnup, which was performed by the staff and young people at their Berkshire centre.

Written by Jamie Jay and Carlos Posada from Oxford four-piece Low Island, the song is performed by young people with severe autism and aims to raise awareness for the condition, as well as increase acceptance and understanding of the full spectrum.

Let Me Shine artwork - song sleeve

Prior’s Court work with 80 young people aged 5 to 25 from 40 authorities across the UK with severe autism and severe learning difficulties. 80% of the young people are non-verbal and all have significant difficulties with communication. Before joining Prior’s Court many children or young adults are in crisis, often with placements having broken down, and families struggling to cope. The specialist approach at Prior’s Court school and young adult provision enables the students to achieve progress in all areas of their lives.

“Accept me for who I am and let me shine.” 

“We were blown away by the incredible relationships we saw between the staff and young people, and wanted that sense of warmth and joy to come across in the song,” says Jamie and Carlos.Prior's Court song recording 3 - CEO and student

The accompanying video reflects the special bonds forged between students and their highly trained staff, and how crucial the 24-hour care and support provided by schools and colleges like Prior’s Court is for their development. The lyrics highlight this: “I have made a connection, A special bond…You and I are friends for life, Stand next to me, walk by my side.”



CEO, Mike Robinson, estimates that there are around 1000-1500 young people in the whole country who require the high level of specialist support provided by Prior’s Court. As he explains: “’Let Me Shine’ encapsulates in a number of ways what we’re trying to do at Prior’s Court. The core of it is that we’re trying to be as ambitious as we possibly can for our young people; letting our young people shine.”

Over several months the students were taught the song by staff, including the speech and language therapists using communication methods including signing, symbols and written words. Staff at Universal Music UK advised Prior’s Court on the set up of the release, and Spinnup donated the cost of distribution. We loved working with the people at Prior’s Court to distribute the release, and in the process learning more about the work they do and the young people they support.


Prior's Court song recording 2We are so proud to have been involved in the release of this beautiful and uplifting tack, the song is a testament to the achievements of the young people at Prior’s Court and the passion of the specialists who support them, and enable them to shine.

Please support Prior’s Court in the very important work they do by buying or streaming ‘Let Me Shine’ on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer, Napster and Tidal. All proceeds raised from the song will go directly towards supporting the young people in care at Prior’s Court.

You can also follow Prior’s Court on Facebook, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

For more information on Prior’s Court, please visit their website at

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rotor header copy

A special offer from Rotor Videos

Ok, so you’ve been really smart and released your tracks through Spinnup to get your music on some of the world’d best streaming and download platforms. You’ve connected your socials and pimped out your artist profile to help you get discovered by the Scouts and Universal Music A&Rs.

So now what?

…How about a music video?

We’re sure every artist would love to make videos to accompany their tracks that are as slick and impressive as a Beyoncé visual album, but who has the budget for that?!


Here’s where our friends at Rotor Videos come in. With Rotor you can make a free account and create a music video for your track using their huge range of templates, stock footage and graphics. You can also upload your own images and photos (which can be as low-res as phone recordings!) to add in and customise your video to make it more personal, add text or promo messages, and trim the length of your clip. The best part is, when you complete the first step of uploading your song, their intelligent engine actually analyses your song to recommend certain styles and edits based on the track’s tempo and unique features.

Once you have made your video you can watch a preview of your creation. Don’t like it? Start from scratch without paying a thing, or if you love it and think you could be the next Hype Williams, pay a one-time fee to download your video starting as low as USD$10.00 for a 360p (watermarked) version. Prices go up depending on the level of quality of your video, with the highest being $35 for the 1080p version!

Watch the video below to see how it all works.


Rotor was designed and built by music video directors and creative developers, with the sole purpose of creating affordable music and promotional videos, which can really help you build your audience. Basically what we do for unsigned artists with music, Rotor do for unsigned artists with video!  

Having only launched recently the team at Rotor are continually developing the platform and adding new features, new styles and content for all artists plus a lip-sync feature due to be released in the coming weeks!


To help you get going with your first video, Rotor are offering a special 40% discount for all Spinnup users to make their first video. To take advantage, simply go to, create your video and use the code RotorSpinnup17  at the checkout. The code is valid for one month, until April 17th 2017.

Once you have your shiny new video, make sure to upload it to your YouTube channel, share it on your socials, and embed into your Spinnup artist profileclick here to find out how.

We’d love to see your masterpieces, so feel free to share them on our Facebook, Tweet us a link, or tag us on Instagram.


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Jireel releases his debut EP

It’s been a big few weeks for Swedish Spinnup discovery Jireel, with the rapper going Platinum for his single ‘Cataleya’ just days before release of his debut EP Jettad.

Singed_artist_EPThe 16 year old from southern Sweden was signed last year after he was discovered by the Spinnup Scouts with his first track ‘Här & Nu’ in 2015. Following from that he released the singles ‘Som Mig’, ‘Langa Luren’, the now platinum selling ‘Cataleya’ and most recently, ‘Snap’ making him one of the fastest rising names in Swedish hip hop today.

He was recognised for his talent when nominated in the ‘Best Hip Hop/Soul’ category at the P3 Guld awards.

Since being signed to Universal Music Jireel has been working on his debut EP, Jettad, which was released on February 24th, 2017.

If you’re a fan of hip-hop you don’t need to understand Swedish to appreciate Jireel’s seven track EP – it will definitely get your head nodding!

Stream Jettad  on Sotify below, or download on iTunes.

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Interview with Maggie Rogers

When touring Europe to promote her new EP Now That The Light Is Fading, new talent and Pharell Williams protege Maggie Rogers sat down with our team in Germany to talk about what she’s been up to and what inspires her music.

Watch the full interview below and stream her Now That The Light Is Fading EP below


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Jireel goes Platinum

Lately it feels like every few days we’re celebrating one of our signed artists going platinum! The latest to smash it out of the park is Sweden’s Jireel.

Jireel has just been awarded his first platinum plaque for his single ‘Cataleya‘.


Pictured: Jeff Roman (producer), Jireel, Christoffer Silverberg (UMG)

Jireel was signed to Universal Music Sweden label Svenska Inspelningars after being discovered on Spinnup after releasing his track ‘Här & Nu‘ in 2015. It was an instant hit, reaching over 10,000 views on YouTube in less than 24 hours. He followed that up with the Following it up with the feel good track ‘Langa Luren‘. His debut EP, Jettad, was released on February 24, 2017. 

Watch the video for Jireel’s ‘Cataleya’ below:

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Andy BW copy

Scout Spotlight – Andy

As you all probably know, we think the world of our dedicated team of Spinnup Scouts. You know them from their Scout profiles in the Artist Area already, but we thought it was high time we all got to know them a bit better! We will be shining a spotlight on all of our Scouts around the world so you can find out what makes them tick and what they do outside of Spinnup.

First up is UK Scout Andy! (We’re not just going in alphabetical order, promise)

Londoner Andy has been with Spinnup for a few years, lending his ears and expertise to many of our UK artists giving feedback on their releases. He really does get a lot of pushes, we’ve always  wondered if it has anything to do with him being top of the list…

After graduating BNU with a degree in Music Business Management Andy began his foray into the music industry about six years ago as a new music blogger – something he still dabbles in when he has time.

Since then he has worked in a few areas of ‘the biz’, including radio PR and digital marketing for two well established indie labels, as well as being a freelance A&R scout for indie and major labels.

“A highlight was definitely getting an act I discovered signed to Fiction Records,” says Andy. “They’re a part of Universal so it’s nice to have that extra connection to the label through Spinnup.”

What is it that keeps him busy these days? Besides being a Spinnup Scout of course…

“I now focus more towards artist management. I released an EP by one of the acts we had on Native Pop and my partner and I partner are looking to get going again with new artists and some more releases down the line.” 

Native Pop is an east London based all-inclusive music company, which brings together artist management, the Native Studios rehearsal space, music blog and now live showcase nights.

This Friday Andy will be hosting Native Pop’s first showcase at Hackney’s Stage 3, headlined by Native Studios residents Indigo Child.

Supporting Indigo Child are Brighton’s Realms and The Ornament Birds from Portsmouth.

“The shows are an outlet for new artists that we are excited about and hopefully we will be doing some more,” says Andy. “It would be great to have regular live shows as an extension of Native Pop.”

If you’re around London and want to come down and meet Andy and some of the Spinnup team in the flesh, join us at the Native Pop showcase at Stage 3, Hackney Empire this Friday February 24th. If you’re a Spinnup artist, show your artist profile on the door for £2 entry!

Native Pop Showcase

Stage 3 Hackney: 291 Mare Street, London, E8 1EJ

£5 entry – £2 for Spinnup artists

View the Facebook event for more

Due to health reasons Realms will no longer be playing, and have been replaced by Dog In The Snow. Beach For Tiger has now also been added to the lineup.


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Vigiland go 15x Platinum!

We’re always proud of our Spinnup ‘graduates’ who have been signed by Universal Music, but that’s especially true of Vigiland today, who have officially gone platinum 15x total in Sweden!

Vigiland (Claes Remmered Persson & Otto Pettersson) were signed to Universal Music and Universal Music Publishing Sweden in 2014 after being discovered on Spinnup with their song ‘UFO’.

They have since released the singles ‘Shots & Squats’ and ‘Pong Dance’, and all three tracks have been streamed over 250 million times on Spotify, as well as selling 15x Platinum in the duo’s home country. ‘Shots & Squats’ alone has been streamed over 100 million times!

See below for the breakdown of Vigiland’s platinum selling singles: 

6X Platinum – ‘UFO’

5X Platinum – ‘Shots & Squats’

4X Platinum – ‘Pong Dance’


Pictured: Özgur Türk (manager), Anton Ericson (Universal Music Publishing), Otto Pettersson (Vigiland), Claes Remmered Persson (Vigiland), Henrik Hansson (Universal Music), Martin Brandt (Universal Music), Emil Soujeh

We want to pass on a huge congratulations to Claes and Otto and the team at Universal Music Sweden for such a great achievement!

Read the full story on Universal Music Publishing Sweden’s website

Could you be the next Vigiland? Create a release on Spinnup to find out! Register or login to start.

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We’re going free!

Yes, you read that correctly – Spinnup is going completely free for two whole weeks!

In celebration of our service reaching over 100,000 users, we are giving every one of our artists worldwide the opportunity to release unlimited singles, EPs and albums. Our special free release weeks will run from Friday February 17th until Friday March 3rd, 2017. Make sure you upload your last releases as early as possible on March 3rd to stay within the cutoff time and avoid disappointment.

All releases will be completely free for one whole year, after which payment will need to be made in order to keep your release online. But don’t worry, we’ll send you reminder emails closer to the time about this. For more information on our pricing, click here.

Spinnup artists keep 100% of their rights and royalties, which means that you keep every bit of money you earn once people start streaming and buying your tracks. The more releases you make and have up online, the more opportunity you have to earn money from your music. Now that’s living the dream!

If you’re new to Spinnup and aren’t sure how to go about creating a release, or you just want a reminder of how to do it properly, take a read through these FAQ pages to help you get it right the first time:

What do I need to consider when uploading my tracks?
What kind of music files can I upload?
What format must my cover art be in?

Having unlimited free releases means that you have the chance to earn a lot more pushes to send to the Spinnup Scouts! Why is this a good thing? Well more pushes = more likely to get attention of one of our Scouts = better chance of being discovered = higher possibility of signing a record deal with Universal Music. It’s happened to 30 of our artists so far, so why couldn’t it happen to you?

To get the attention of the Scouts, we strongly recommend leaving them a note in the message box when sending your push introducing yourself and asking for specific feedback. Do yourself a favour and ensure your artist profile is up to date with current information, photos and links to your social media accounts so that it’s easier for them to find out more about you.

Our friends at Cover Art Factory are also joining the party and offering all Spinnup artists a huge 30% discount on all products on their site, when they use the code SPINNUP30 at the checkout. At Cover Art Factory you can have your release sounding and looking great with their huge range of pre-made artwork designs, or take it one step further with their custom design service. Explore all the designs and options at

If you’re having any trouble creating your release take a read through our FAQs, and if you still need help you can contact our support team at

Now time to get your releases ready, we can’t wait to hear you!

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CAF header

Special offer from Cover Art Factory

When you have a celebration you invite your friends, right? Well we’re celebrating Spinnup reaching over 100,000 users on our platform by giving all artists unlimited free releases for two weeks, and our mates at Cover Art Factory are joining the party.

Spinnup artists always receive a 10% discount on all CAF purchases, but for our free release weeks (February 17th – March 3rd, 2017) artists will get a huge 30% discount on everything on Cover Art Factory.

Cover Art Factory offers a huge range of pre-made cover art designs you can choose from and customise by uploading a photo and entering your art and title information. Two days later you have your own professional looking artwork!

They also have premium a Custom Made Design feature where you can pay to have a designer custom make unique artwork specifically for your release. Read their page on how the process works for more information. 

Creating a release means having the whole package – a great track AND good looking artwork. We’ve had great reviews from the numerous Spinnup artists who have used the service in the past. Make sure you take advantage of this special offer, as it will only last until the end of our free release period on March 3rd, 2017.

To receive 30% off all products at, use code SPINNUP30 at checkout. 

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