October 26, 2017

Introducing: DFUX

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Introducing: Lani Dawson

Sometimes when listening to all the music that comes through Spinnup you stumble upon a debut release that stops you in your tracks, which is exactly what happened earlier this week with Lani Dawson.

The Californian-based songstress released her debut single ‘Visions Of You‘ on Spinnup in early December, accompanied by some gorgeous cover art that reminds us of the golden years of early ’00s R&B.

Lani Da

We were impressed by the high-quality of the production, a slick R&B track layered with pounding 808s and claps that will have your head nodding in no time. But even such impressive production comes second to Lani’s voice – full of emotion, the vocals stand out beautifully from the beat, showcasing Lani’s range and vocal style.

According to her Instagram, an album is in the works for 2018 and needless to say we will be waiting anxiously to hear it!

Stream or download Visions on your preferred music service here, or stream on Spotify below

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Photo by Charlie Sarsfield

Introducing: Indigo Palace

If you’ve been keeping your eyes on the Spinnup blog the last few months, then you’ll probably be familiar with Indigo Palace already. The South London based duo Jo Morgen and Dee 93 were kind enough to come along with us and help our friends at Abbey Road launch their first ever app, Topline, a few months ago. Here they met fellow Spinnup artist BLOOM, which resulted in the collaboration for ‘Storm (feat. BLOOM)‘ – the first ever track to be written with Topline!


EGO OUT NOW Link in bio

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Not slowing down for a second the Indigo Palace boys are back with what might just be their best track to date, ‘Ego‘. Expanding on their unique blend of alternative hip-hop, the production, brought to us by Jo and Chinsky, whisks in additional electronic and jazz elements reminiscent of Frank Ocean’s ‘Chanel’. Layered overtop are bittersweet lyrics from Jo and Dee, handling vocal and emcee duties respectively on this track, storytelling their experiences of self-destructive behaviour and what that meant for their past relationships.

The result is a track that is both atmospheric and infectious and will have your head nodding from start to finish. Stream ‘Ego’ on Spotify below, or on your preferred music service, and make sure to follow Indigo Palace on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify for new music and updates.

Header photo by Charlie Sarsfield 

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Introducing: Public Order

“Do you only ever dream in black and white? With rose tinted airplane trails and violet skies”

Welsh pop producer collective Public Order have released their debut single ‘Violet Skies’ featuring the poetic lyrics of singer-songwriter Rebecca Hurn and here at Spinnup we are very excited about it!

The up-tempo track takes on a slightly melancholic theme, describing past heartbreak delivered by shimmering and soulful vocals whilst layered over rich Flume-inspired synths and glitch pop vocal samples, displaying mature production skills that far exceed their young age.


Public Order currently consists of producers David, Jac and Ellis, and with ‘Violet Skies’ being their debut single, the track is a promising indicator of the exciting future they have ahead of them with us at Spinnup. Make sure to check out our Spinnup Scout Picks AND Staff Picks Spotify playlists to listen to ‘Violet Skies’.

Follow Public Order on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with their new releases and announcements.

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knighthood live

Introducing: Knighthood

What happens when you meet someone who shares your name AND love of music? You start a group, obviously. At least that’s exactly what Louis and Louis from Knighthood did when they met in their hometown, Paris, in 2012.

knighthood dj


Five years later they’re still together (aaww), have released a tonne of music, and travelled around the world playing their music.

Better Off That Way‘ is Knighthood’s new single, and their first release with Spinnup. The bouncy house track features production from SLTRY, an electronic producer from Germany who lends his trademark tropical house touch.


‘Better Off That Way’ was inspired by the duo’s summer tour, from the cities and travelled to, to the musical influences they picked up on from each place they played.

The summertime vibes are perfectly captured in the beautifully shot video for the track, featuring the kind of location I think we’d all love to jet off to.

Follow Knighthood on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can check out their other music on Soundcloud and YouTube, or stream on the Spotify player embedded below.

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Introducing: DFUX

It’s always so exciting when you come across a release that makes you stop what you’re doing and pay attention. That’s exactly what happened this week when the UK team were approving releases and came across ‘Crazy‘ by UK House duo DFUX.

With pitched down vocals and the kind of impressive production we’d expect from seasoned artists, this track has become favourite in the office, drawing similarities to fellow UK house producers Disclosure.


DFUX is made up of band members George and Joss – beyond that we don’t know much about the mysterious pair, that’s how new they are!

They have now released two tracks with Spinnup, and this week have made it into both the Spinnup Scout Picks AND Staff Picks Spotify playlists.

Follow DFUX on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with their new releases, and listen to ‘Crazy’ on your preferred music service, or stream on Spotify below.


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Introducing: Erik Jonasson

This week Spinnup had a chat with Singer/Songwriter Erik Jonasson.

What is your musical background and when did you begin making music?
My family has always been interested in music. My older brother and my dad played guitar, and that’s the reason why I started as well. In the beginning I didn’t enjoy it at all, I just did it because I was expected to. I didn’t play much because I didn’t want anyone to listen. As I grew older, I became more confident and started playing more often.

At the age of fifteen I played a lot of funk, soul and jazz music as I liked the improvising aspect of it. Even if the song you played already was composed you had the freedom to spontaneously change it and like every other guitarist of that age, I liked to play the guitar-solos.

The first time I tried to make my own music was at the beginning of Secondary School. To be just a good musician was no longer the most important thing for me. Instead, I wanted to feel something for and with the music.

The music became an art form instead of a sport competition for me.

I started to make my own indie-pop music with a lot of synthesizers and effects but my music has changed and grown a lot since back then.

After Secondary School I moved to Stockholm to study on a sound engineer school. I wanted to make my music sound more professional and I really learned a lot. At school I started to make music with my classmate Love Sivik who is the same amazing producer I work with today.

Who and what
inspires you?
As long as I’ve been writing music I’ve been some kind of singer-songwriter, so of course I am inspired by other singer-songwriters. I love Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, Jose Gonzalez, Anna Ternheim, Regina Spektor, Joni Mitchell and others. However, what inspires me the most is movies and I think that is something you can hear in our music. It’s the same kind of atmosphere you can hear in a movie soundtrack and it’s the same kind of melancholy you can feel at the end of a strong movie.

I get inspired by movies that make you feel. It can be a  movie about relationships or it can be a movie about the future and how we humans destroy our planet, or it can be something completely different. What’s important is that it makes me think and feel something.

What has the response to your music been like?
I had my first concert with this project just a few months ago, so I guess I haven’t been playing long enough to get that mush response, but the response I’ve got from people who have been listen is very positive. People say that they really like and feel something when they listen to our music and I hope they don’t say it just to be polite!

What are your expectations for this year?

Today we released a new single and we will release an EP later this year. Our goal is to make music that touches and makes people feel something real.  I hope we can reach out to as many as possible.

Listen to his latest single Like a Funeral on Spotify today!

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Introducing: Johan Klingwall

Johan Klingwall is a 25 year old pop/rap artist from Nacka outside Stockholm who just released the single Världens ände. For the last couple of years he has been producing and composing and, when not making music, he works on TV events as a freelance carpenter.

What is your musical background and when did you begin making music?
I grew up in a creative family who had a huge interest of music. At the age of 17 I started writing rap lyrics with my co-producer Johan Östgren and released some tracks on our own. About a year ago we sat down and figured out what we really wanted to do and looked at the big picture.
We set out our goals and how we wanted get there.  Even though I’ve done this for I while, it feels like this is the beginning in some way. Världens ände is my first single to be released and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

Who/what inspires you?
It varies from day to day. Right now I feel inspired by Icona Pop – not only because of their music but because they are having so much fun taking over the world. I listen to a lot of music from Sweden, Iceland and England – there’s something fascinating about music from cold and dark countries. Music that feels organic and alive is always in my playlist and I love old and dusty instruments. Beautiful melodies and rhythms make my music-heart go bananas – I think I have Swedish pop to thank for that! When it comes to rap I’ve always been a fan of Jay-Z.

I’m inspired by so many things but most importantly – I’m passionate about music. I am living my dream and getting closer to my goals every day.

Tell us more about your latest release Världens ände.
The first time I sat at a piano, I didn’t know how to play so I searched for tones that felt good and then wrote the signature melody. When it came to lyrics, I was inspired by my trip to the Philippines a couple of years ago working with the Swedish TV show, Robinson. We had been there for almost three months and we had a goodbye-party last day in Manila. A friend and I took a cab and went to a tattoo studio in the middle of the night and I thought of that journey many times after that. The idea of jumping into a cab, taking the next flight and running away to a nice place with someone inspired me so much I wanted to make a story out of it. I write most of my songs when I’m feeling a bit low however I was in such a positive frame of mind when Världens ände was born.

How has the response to your release been so far?
Very good! When I started making music, my biggest dream was to hear myself on the radio. Every release since my debut has been played on the radio which is crazy and something I never expected. 

People seem to be curious about my new sound and want to hear more and that’s a good start for my next release.

What are your expectations for this year?
I hope to write more tracks and continue my work. Hopefully I’ll reach some new ears on my way. I want to throw a huge party somewhere, invite all my friends, do the best gig I’ve ever done and show them what I’ve been up to lately.  I’m also looking forward to working with my new management The Music Box (Albin, Victor Crone) and I can’t wait to work on new tunes with my friend, Mr. Östgren!

What’s happening next – any releases, gigs or tours coming up?
I’ll follow up Världens ände with my next single Där vi var which is to be released in April and then I will continue my work on my debut-EP. Hopefully I’ll do some epic gigs and after that, the world is my oyster! Hey ho let’s go!

Make sure you listen to Världens ände på Spotify!

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Introducing: LIA

LIA is Linnéa Rodén, an artist with her roots in the Stockholm archipelago who over the years has gravitated toward the pulse of the city. Later this year she will officially have earned the title ‘Music and Media Producer’ as she will have finished her studies at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

In addition to being busy with the music of LIA, she has created sound installations for spaces like libraries and museums, and recently collaborated with the innovative company Soundtrap in a promotional video that featured LIA’s new single Believers. Growing up, Linnéa was a sports nerd (handball) and a regular nerd (astronomy) with dreams of becoming an astronomer. However, these interests faded quickly when she was accepted to a music programme in upper secondary school and started freelance work as a studio singer.

Even before Linnéa decided to completely devote herself to music, she would sing all the time and just about everywhere: in the bathroom, in the locker room, in the classroom, until someone asked her to stop. At the age of fifteen, she not only got a fancy new telescope for Christmas, but also a synthesizer. She realized that creating music was something she should probably get more involved with.

When she decided to apply for upper secondary school, she had her mind set on a music programme. Luckily, she was accepted and eventually got to work as a studio singer with producer Glen Scott and the musician’s collective, Blacknuss. She then went on to further music studies at RML (Rockmusiklinjen) and it was during her time at RML that she began writing songs for her own project, LIA. The band started out as a pop group playing gigs in and around Stockholm. Linnéa became more interested in sound design and music production, which led her to the Royal College of Music and a Bachelor of Arts programme in Music and Media Production. Linnéa has developed her songwriting over many years, exploring different styles and sounds, and now feels she has found an expression that is honest and true to herself.

I usually find my inspiration in events, mostly historical. I read an article in a history magazine and then suddenly a song appears in my head and I have to run to the piano or pick up my phone to record what I hear. Usually, I put myself into the shoes of the people participating in the events, in order to try to explain what I see or feel, or even how I would have reacted if I had been there. Another way for me to get inspired is to create my own sounds, program my own drum beats, tweak plugins in Logic or use samples that I’ve recorded myself. I have a great fondness for world music and more than happily use instruments/rhythms/harmonies from all over the world. Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush are my biggest influences in terms of writing music. I often hear sounds as colours and my own music is tinged with a shade of ice blue and turquoise.

Surprisingly, it’s usually metalheads who are the most enthusiastic about my compositions. They always ask me when or if I will release something new. Maybe it is because I’ve listened to a lot of progressive rock in the past and have put that into my own music. People seem to think that I have a unique sound and that there’s a common thread to all of my compositions, that you can hear directly when it’s my music. I’m often told that my music expresses itself in images, that it is cinematic and that it would fit well into movies.

LIA’s first single was released this year and the reaction was incredibly positive – people loved it. Linnéa is now focusing on completing LIA’s debut album. After having spent months in the studio, she misses performing live and is looking forward to touring in the future. Linnea is now ready to focus on being LIA and is excited to share her music with the rest of the world!


Listen to her debut single ‘Believers’ on Spotify.

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