February 2, 2018

Introducing: Bethany Ann

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Cortes 4

Introducing: Cortes

This week we are bringing you sweat-inducing rock trio Cortes and their new single ‘Call It’.

The band formed in 2012 and comprise of Andy Cortes on guitar/vocals, Sam Davies on bass and Marijus Aleska on drums. Although based in London, the band has quite the international background – Cortes’ family are Colombian, Aleska is from Vilnius, Lithuania, whilst Davies is from Devon.

Cortes 2

The band credit The Red Hot Chilli Peppers one of their inspirations, and we can definitely hear these influences in ‘Call It’ from their clamouring lyrics and killer groovy riffs, that we feel also channel a distinct Queens Of The Stoneage vibe.

Cortes have managed to have their track ‘Facing My Fear’, which they released on Spinnup in 2016, played by the infamous Zane Lowe who described them as “certainly, better than good” – today that track has received over one million streams on Spotify! Their tracks have also featured on Apple Music’s playlists: ‘Breaking Rock’ and ‘A-list Rock’.

The trio have landed some pretty good gigs in their time, playing festivals including The Great Escape, Camden Rocks, Barn on The Farm and BBC Radio One’s Big Weekend, and supporting bands such as Nothing But Thieves.

For their debut self-titled EP Cortes worked alongside producer Larry Hibbitt, who has worked with some pretty big names, such as Nothing But Thieves, Sundara Karma, and more.

Cortes 3

As a band we love to see live, they don’t have any upcoming tour dates at the moment, but we’re hoping that they’ll be back on the road soon and with some more new material!

Head to their website to stay up to date with all their news and find links to all their social media

Hear ‘Call It’ on Spotify and Apple Music and follow their artist page to stay up to date with any new music!


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Introducing: KamiKwazi

One of the things we love most here at Spinnup is discovering new artists from around the globe, particularly ones with a message to their music. One such artist is Zimbabwean born, UK based KamiKwazi – (which means in short, ‘Know Thyself’). The 19 year-old producer/songwriter first caught our attention in 2017 with his single ‘Move’. This year the he is back with his latest release, ‘Women’.

KamiKwazi Women

Within his music, he challenges himself to explore different styles and topics. The new single featuring Renzo, released shortly before International Women’s Day on March 8th, is inspired by the women in his life.

“The fact is that when most male musicians talk about women in their music, its normally sexual. But I love my mother, my sister and all my female friends, relatives, and girlfriend. So I felt it was needed for a male to stand side to side with females and help in the movement for them being “appreciated”.”

Although initially an R&B artist, KamiKwazi uses a range of sounds and instruments in his music from luscious flute hooks, to brass and guitar to produce more of a fusion of R&B/funk/soul and hip hop. KamiKwazi says that his music is inspired by water as “it takes the shape of whatever object it’s put in, and when that object is full it overflows, flowing to every surrounding area; exploring and taking shape and fitting in. But it can also be very aggressive and chaotic at times.”


We can certainly hear the variation of music in his 2017 single ‘Apple of My Eyes’ where the producer takes us on a journey of the unexpected, from flowy guitars to brass, whilst adopting a slow groovy The Weeknd type vibe.

He has also collaborated with Kiet, Lorenzo and J’Marli and also remixed Kehlani’s ‘Honey’, and as well as his three Spinnup-released tracks on Spotify, KamiKwazi has built up quite the collection on his Soundcloud page.

As if he wasn’t talented enough already, he not only produces his own music but does his own artwork and photography! Oh and his favourite fruit is a mango 🙂

Follow KamiKwazi on Spotify, Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Introducing: ODZ

If you’re reading this in Sweden, then you’ll probably know who I’m talking about when I say today we’re Introducing ODZ.

This awesome foursome has been distributing their releases on Spinnup since 2015 with their Original Dunder Zubbis EP, and we have taken so much pleasure in watching them go from strength to strength.


In the last few months they have been certified gold in Sweden for 2017’s ‘Helt Crack‘, been nominated for both the Best Urban and Breakthrough Artist awards at this year’s GAFFAs and released their latest single ‘Nya Tider’ which has been streamed over half a million times, and is accompanied by a very cool 360 degree video.

I mean honestly, they achieve millions of streams on almost every track they put out, they make it look too damn easy!

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Introducing: Waltzburg

Without a doubt one of the best things about working for Spinnup is discovering artists and bands from all over the world who provide something fun and fresh to listen to. In January we came across a band from The Netherands who did just that – Introducing: Waltzburg.

The six-piece band from Nijmegen (we had to Google map it too), formerly known as Wolves Dressed As Sheep, released their debut track, ‘So Long See Ya‘ last year, but it wasn’t until they dropped their first track on Spinnup, ‘Ghost‘ that they burst onto our radar. From the opening chords and cowbell (more cowbell!) right to the finish, Waltzburg builds a track that is both moody and fun, with gritty, jangly guitars, whimsical backing vocals and quirky melody lines reminiscent of early 2000’s indie, but with a modern uniqueness.

After wrapping up a domestic tour late last year, we’ve heard along the grapevine that the band has been working on new material and have an album in the works for release this year!

‘Ghost’ is without a doubt one of the most  infectiously head-nodding releases we’ve come across in a while so it’s safe to say it’ll be spinning in the office for a while to come!

Follow Waltzburg on SpotifyFacebook and Instagram or head to their website for more info.

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Introducing: Mezzanine

There are many great things in this life, but discovering new acts, especially on Spinnup (we’re very honest about being biased), is up there with one of the greatest. About two weeks ago we were cruising Spotify and had some gorgeous artwork catch our eye. Yes, good artwork gets attention, just read this post.


We clicked play on French band Mezzanine‘s debut release, a self-titled two track single, and they did not disappoint. ‘Above The Sun‘ is a gorgeous track drenched in sunny guitar chords and relaxed vocals – the kind of sound that makes you think of summer no matter how cold and wet the corner of London is that you’re writing this article from. But I digress…


The band have released a trippy colour-fuelled video to accompany the track, shot in a retro style that reminds you of VHS home movies of your holidays from the 90s. If you’re reading this and were born after 1995 you won’t know what I’m referring to.

As I write this ‘Above The Sun’ has already accumulated over 18,000 streams on Spotify – not bad for a debut release! We can’t wait to see what the band will put out next, but in the meantime we’ll be playing this on repeat and sitting under a heat lamp while we wait for summer.

Follow Mezzanine on InstagramFacebook, and on Spotify to stay up to date with their latest releases .

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Introducing: Bethany Ann

This week we’re hopping over the pond to introduce you to an American singer-songwriter who has been keeping us entertained with a series of releases over the past year. The 19 year old Nashville-based Bethany Ann joined Spinnup to release her debut single ‘What I Wish I’d Done‘, a gorgeous piano-led power ballad with vocals that pack a punch. Needless to say we were paying attention!

Two more singles and an EP later and we have Vicennial, Bethany’s brand new EP that she released in early January to start 2018 with a bang. The pastel and candy colours of Vicennial‘s artwork are matched by the opening track ‘Birthday‘, a fun and energetic track to celebrate Bethany’s entry to her 20’s. Each of the six tracks on the EP bring their own distinct style to the table, switching from bubbly pop beats to more mature and sophisticated melodies, but always coming back to the overarching themes of growth and exploration that Bethany has curated from start to finish.


For us the superstar of Vicennial has to be ‘Nobody Loves Me When They’re Sober‘, an honest but fun piece of songwriting that sees minimalist electronic-tinged production sit perfectly Bethany’s intimate vocal, drawing the listener in from the delicate opening right through to the powerful bridge at the end

Follow Bethany Ann on Facebook and Instagram, and on Spotify to make sure you don’t miss any new music!

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Saimon K

Introducing: Saimon Kay

For this week’s Spinnup Introducing we’re heading back to our homeland of Sweden to introduce you to one of our favourite new emcees on the scene, Saimon Kay.

The 22 year old from Upplands Väsby was first discovered by a member of our Swedish team after the release of Saimon’s debut single ‘Hon Vet‘ featuring fellow Spinnup artist Karim Alger. Check out our December Spinnup Introducing piece featuring Karim.

Saimon Kay

‘Hon Vet’ has been live in stores for barely a month and has already earned over 80,000 streams on Spotify alone, with the accompanying video sitting at close to 15,000 views on YouTube. All this within a month and with zero marketing – just goes to show how much traction an independent artist can gain

In its first week of release ‘Hon Vet’ was added to Spotify Sweden’s Ord Och Inga Visor playlist for local hip-hop, and the video featured on the Kingsize site.

We’ve been told that there’s more music on the way, so make sure to follow Saimon Kay on Spotify and Instagram to be the first to know when his new music is out.

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to be we

Introducing: To Be We

We admire the drive and passion it takes for all of our artists to continually create new music and get it up online for the world to hear. Lately we have been in awe of German pop act, To Be We, who have been releasing one single per week since October. Yes you read correctly, 16 singles.

Usually when we select an artist to write about for our weekly Spinnup Introducing feature, we have a track or two of the artist’s to choose from, so you can imagine how difficult it was for us to choose between tracks like ‘Hesitate‘, ‘The Autopsy‘ and latest single, ‘Down The Waterfall‘.

to be we 3

The Stuttgart based duo is made up of Hagen Wagner & Julian Lindenmann, a producer-vocalist duo that mix strong electronic beats with intimate guitar rhythms and sometimes melancholic vocals. Using digital tools and social media to their advantage, Hagen and Julian decided to steer away from a traditional release schedule and produce one single a week to release on Spotify every Friday. The project began in October, but they won’t fill us in on when it will end – and we’re hoping it’s no time soon!

While their tracks are up on all our partner stores, To be We have chosen to focus their efforts on Spotify, curating a playlist which they add each new release into. Crediting our flexibility and ability to get their tracks up on time, To Be We chose Spinnup to put their plan into action, and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of such an ambitious project.

Make sure to listen to their One Single A Week playlist below and follow them on Spotify to stay up to date with their new releases!

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