Well Versed

Calling all SpinnUp artists! Some great news just in!

You may find it very difficult to find a place to rehearse, record and master your music. Even more difficult is finding somewhere in your price range.

Well it was difficult. Not anymore.

MFG Studios in Stockholm are now in a collaboration with Spinnup and are offering a 20% discount for all your recording needs. All you have to do when you want to book a room for rehearsal is to email them at info@mfgstudios.se and link to your Spinnup profile to receive the discount.

About MFG
MFG Studios is a completely new music complex in Vasastan, Stockholm where you can practice, record, mix and master all kinds of music.

The prices range from 1100–1700 :- depending on the type of room or the time you want to book it. However, for Spinnup artists this would be between 880–1360 :-  with the 20% discount. The prices are for a 3-hour session/week for a month.For more information about MFG Studios and the spaces they have to offer, please visit: http://www.mfgstudios.se/replokaler.html