How to Record and Produce On A Budget
How to Record and Produce On A Budget August 22, 2019

While it’s important to invest in your craft, spending money on studio time and buying equipment can be an expensive process. You might not always have the money you need at your disposal, particularly if you’re in the early days of trying to survive by being a musician full time. The good news is that …

Apple Music for Artists Guide
Apple Music for Artists Guide August 13, 2019

Updated August 13, 2019 Apple Music has officially released its artist hub, Apple Music for Artists, which was previously in beta, with a far more advanced analytics tool. Now you can see data for over 100 countries and the cities within them, you can break down your listeners to pinpoint exactly where your music is …

Introducing: Superjava
Introducing: Superjava July 26, 2019

As music lovers, we thrive from scouting the best talent from around the globe. This week we take you to France, (where we’ve discovered the likes of Polycool, Asakura and Mezzanine), to introduce you to Parisian electro-pop outfit, ‘Superjava’. And it makes total sense to have a name that part translates to ‘living it up’ …

How To Spot A Fake
How To Spot A Fake July 22, 2019

In this article, we will be giving you lots of useful tips on how to spot a fake manager or booking agent or just a plain old pirate – unfortunately, many of them are out there!  Check out our ‘how to connect with booking agents and managers’ for tips on how to connect with a …

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