Well Versed

Big challenge: Recruitment challenge

The big challenge is a classic: the recruitment challenge! Just as the last time we ran it, the one who recruits the most artists to Spinnup wins the prize. Here are a few tips on how to beat your opponents and take it home:

  • Share your code everywhere. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, your blog, online music forums, everywhere. And try to get others to post it as well (preferably people with large follower bases)! If you’re not sure what your code is, contact the scout manager and it will be provided.
  • Get out there. Try to go to as many venues as possible where you can find unsigned artists and bands, talk to people everywhere about Spinnup, write people online and explain what Spinnup is and offer them free single releases, etc. Use the niche marketing list that we sent you a while back. There are many ways to find them! And don’t forget to use your business cards, give them to as many as possible.
  • Use what you got. Hand out as many flyers as you can, put up posters and stickers everywhere. Of course, your code won’t be registered by doing this, but we need all as many artists as we can joining Spinnup 🙂

At last: be creative! Why not arrange a small competition on your blog with a corresponding prize? Just an example. Document everything you do and the Scout Manager will take this in consideration when choosing the winner.

The winner of this challenge will get the opportunity to bring his/her band/artist to Obaren in Stockholm for a live gig, which Spinnup will arrange and promote. Do your best and provide for your artist the chance to do a live gig in the heart of Stockholm!

This challenge ends on September 31.

Standard challenge (best listener/commentator/Facebook challenge) runs as usual.