Well Versed



As this months’ big challenge, we invite you to cover the city you live in with Spinnup posters, stickers, and flyers! Soon, you’ll receive a package containing these things by mail, and when you do it is just to start your own guerilla marketing campaign!

You will all receive a list of places to visit via e-mail. The list contains examples of bars, clubs, etc. which are nisched and where we believe you can find the target group for Spinnup. Of course, you don’t have to follow this list slavishly, we encourage you to go beyond it as well.

As we can’t measure how many new registered artist your campaigns result in, the prize will go to the Scout who comes up with the most creative campaign! Therefore, we want you to document it and send it to the Scout Manager by the end of the month at the latest. Now go promote Spinnup!

This challenge runs until the end of May. As prize, the winner will get a ticket for one of the major festivals in Sweden this summer. So make sure to do your best!