Best presentation video

It is finally time for the second big challenge in Spinnup history! This time we are focusing on your presentation videos. Make a great presentation video and win the desirable prize! We already have some very good ones on the site, that most definitely are competing for the number one spot. So try to make your even better!

Of course, it is completely up to you how you do it. But because we are so nice and friendly we provide you with some guidelines for inspiration (if you need it):

  1. Time frame: Your video should be maximum 1-1.30 minutes long, this is to keep it simple and informative.
  2. Setting: If possible, stand so you have a wall with bright color behind you. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.
  3. Context: “Keep it Simple”
    – Name, age and where you come from.
    – Genres and qualities you’re looking for in an artist. Special skills as a scout (e.g. work experience).
    – Explain how you can help the artist by pointing out three sentences.
    – Finish of with your catch line. (Not necessary!)
  4. Have fun and don’t forget to bring your personality into the video!


Like we said, these are only guidelines and it is completely up to you how you do it. The winner will be selected by a jury from the Spinnup project team, and gets to sit down with one of the A&R’s of Universal Music Sweden, for some education and tips & tricks. So don’t miss out, now go make that video!

This challenge runs until the end of April.