Best apps to create and edit videos for musicians

We continue our Top 10 Apps series this week with video editing apps, because we know how helpful a great video can be to grab your fans’ attention.
It’s not in every musician’s set of skills to edit and mix videos (no one expects you to be a jack of all trades) so we decided to gather the best apps to help make video creation a piece of cake. These useful and affordable apps will come in handy when making video clips, teasers and much more.


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Invideo – FREE

What we love about Invedio is that their free plan allows you to create watermark free videos! You’ll find plenty of templates and cool features to make diverse content. Short formats for your socials but also up to 15 minute long videos. Look for their tutorials to help you get started and find inspiration.


iMovie – FREE

iMovie is probably the first thing that comes to mind to many when they think about a simple, free video editor. The best thing about it – besides the cool effects and filters – is that you can start a project on your iPhone and transfer it using AirDrop or iCloud to finish it on your iPad or Mac.



Magisto Smart Video Editor – FREE with premium tier

Create and edit videos up to five-minutes-long with the free version of this app. Magisto is powered with artificial intelligence to select the best part of the footage you imported and create a great looking video for you. Perfect for a tour or backstage video to share on your socials!


Typito – FREE

Typito is an online video editor that comes with a cool feature: it allows you to add a branded banner on your videos. Why is this useful? You can add your band logo on social media videos to create a coherence between your posts and help your fans to easily recognize your content. To remove the Typito watermark it will cost you $10 per video.


Splice – FREE

This app by GoPro allows you to edit your videos and add multiple audio tracks and mix them precisely, perfect for showcasing your music with visuals.
With Splice you can share your videos to anyone through an unlisted web link before actually sharing it to your fans.




Horizon Camera – FREE with premium tier

This app is great for filming your lives or anything really that is outdoors or unprepared. It’s basically a way to get your videos (and photos) to look horizontal anyway that the phone is held – even in portrait mode – and can make any crooked video look more professional.


Lightworks – FREE

Lightworks free version is a video editing tool with powerful features derived from professional film editing (it was used to edit Pulp Fiction!). This software is more complicated to use than others but comes with different tutorials to guide you through your first steps.


Adobe Premiere Clip – FREE

This app is an easy way to create videos by importing clips. It allows you to sync your music to the beat of the video. You can also add tons of effects to make your video livelier.

Watch this tutorial for more info on how it works


Apple Clips – FREE

Apple Clips is an easy-to-use app with a unique feature called ‘Live Titles’. It allows the user to automatically transcribe the audio in the video to on screen text and has lots of other cool tools to use. Sounds perfect for a lyric video, right?


You Cut – FREE with premium tier

Android users: this one is for you! This simple video editing app has all the essential tools needed to create your clips. It’s used by more than 10m people and doesn’t leave a watermark on your projects.


Openshot – FREE

Openshot is an editing software available to download on Mac, Windows and Linux with a super intuitive interface. It’s an amazing tool for resizing, trimming and rotating your footage but also to layer and mix tracks.

In the world of YouTube, Instagram and Stories there’s so much to be gained (fans, sales, superstardom) from capturing the attention of audiences with engaging video content. And this list goes to show you don’t need a full production crew and a huge budget to get some slick vids out there.
When you put your videos online make sure to tag @spinnup and show us what you’re made of.


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