Best apps for your images and artworks

At Spinnup, we know how important image is and how a good visual can draw attention to your music. But it’s not always so easy to create great artwork and have professional images to display on your social media, streaming profiles and artist website.

We’ve done the hard work for you and created a list of apps that will help you increase your visibility as an artist and gain more credibility for your imagery.


To understand what makes a good artwork and see examples to help you improve yours, read our blog post.


Glitché – $0.99

Endorsed by quite a few celebrities, Glitché will give an edge to your simplest shots. Easily distort colours, add a VHS look or even a 3D twist to your pictures. It’salso possible to export them to Photoshop.



Procreate pocket – $4.99

Are you looking to create an artwork with a painted look? Unleash your inner Picasso with this easy to use, fun app. Create colourful and eye-catching designs with tons of different tools in no time.


Snapseed by Google – FREE

Snapseed promises to make your photos look great. With almost 30 different tools, there’s a lot to try out such as frames, blur effects, exposure etc…


Adobe Lightroom CC – FREE

Made by the masters who brought you Photoshop, this one allows you to take pictures, edit them and share them easily. Improve the appearance of your professional photos with five Photoshop presets. It’s easy to create a consistent look on your images by copying your favourite edits on a whole album.



Path on– £1.99

This app lets you type text anyway you like on your images. Draw a line on the picture, type in your text and it will appear on the line creating original visuals.


Canva – FREE with premium tier

Canva is a great tool for design that is very easy to use. There are tons of templates and designs to use. It can be a great help when designing your logo if you don’t have one already, posters and flyers for your next show etc..

Paper – FREE

You can use this app as your creative space and sketch storage. If you’re not a notepad person, this is the best way to map out your next ideas for artwork, or your whole project!



Adobe Comp CC – FREE

The perfect app to layout your ideas at any time and make sure you don’t forget them. Use photos, add text and shapes… And for those who want to take things further, this Adobe app allows you to transfer your artwork into InDesign to perfect it.


If you’re creating an image to use as your cover art, before you get started make sure your artwork follows our guidelines when submitting it for your release, you can read all the details here our support article.


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