Spinnup’s Top 10 Apps for Music Producers

We know how expensive professional producing tools can get so we’ve put together a list of free (or cheap) apps and tools that will make any independent producer’s life easier. From the basics to some more creative apps, you will find that they’ll come in handy especially if you’re just starting producing music or looking for new approaches to create tracks.


Musyc – FREE (pro version $4)

Musyc is a real time audio recording app that allows you to create an instrumental in a creative way. With the 88 instruments featured in the app you create your music with touch instead of using a keyboard.


Animoog – $5

Animoog is the first professional synthesizer app by Moog Music, already famous for their analog synthesizers. It promises the same sound quality and variety of timbres as their physical counterparts.


KRFT – $5.99

Described as ‘a canvas for your musical ideas’ and lets you create a masterpiece with your intuitions.

Watch this video for a preview.



Djay 2 – $1.99

Integrated with iTunes and Spotify, this app allows you to access your favourite tracks. You can record songs easily and directly in the app. You can mix your tracks but it also features pitch bend and an equalizer.


 IOS Garage band – FREE

Garage band is the digital audio workstation by Apple. The app was made for everyone, even those with no or little experience, so you can make a full song all in one place. Live loops is an interesting feature which allows users to tie in different samples together with their own beats.



iMPC – $3.50

iMPC is the app you need if you want to create and share a beat quickly. It has more than 600 samples you can use to create the beat. You can export the track to your computer, share it on Souncloud and more, directly from the app.


Reason Compact – FREE

This app by Propellerhead is designed to create synthesizer sounds easily with this touch friendly Europa Synth. With 16 different types of waveform and 7 different presets



Audacity – FREE

Audacity is an alternative to Garage Band that has a very simple interface. This tool allows users to manipulate and edit a piece of audio but also process and export samples and add effects.


Ableton Live 10 Lite – FREE

This software is the free version of Ableton. It has limited storage capacity but if you happen to like it you can buy the full version for £68. Ableton is used by many producers because it a very professional audio quality with various instruments and effects.