Attention is Currency

Welcome to the world of social media and everyone knowing your business, where attention is currency. Those with the most attention sell the most product. 


How do I get attention? We’ll be looking deeper into this and sharing our insights. Mostly it’s about being true to yourself. Attention mixed with desperation isn’t great, and we’ve all seen examples of this on social media. Remaining loyal to who you are will allow like minded people to gravitate towards you. Forget the rest. 


Authenticity is key to collecting die hard fans – they fall in love with you, then they stream your music. ’Tis but a rare feat to hook fans to your music in 2020 without something they can relate to outside of it. Share what you are comfortable with sharing. A stage outfit. A story about your home town. Sprinkle your posts with a latest release or video and place the bulk of your effort into posting relatable content without the sales pitch. You are after people’s attention. Once you have that, then a sales pitch just might work to your advantage. 


Today let’s delve into: 


How to earn people’s attention 


Sprinkle the sale and push the connection 


What should I post to get attention? 


What if I don’t like social media? 


How to earn people’s attention 


Asking for attention is asking for time. In life we earn people’s attention by being the awesome human we are. By giving something others want to consume, they are happy to and even look forward to spending their attention in return. Well, what does that mean really? Break it down this way: 


We love an escape from the world via social media 

Anything with a great photo or moving image will attract us 

We adore it when other people are completely themselves 


Take these 3 things and you’ve got a recipe to start getting attention. Create an escape for people on social media by posting an awesome picture or moving image relating to something where you are completely yourself.  


Yes being yourself online is a fabulous way to garner a fan base you really want. Let’s be honest, when you’re not yourself eventually the mask will fall. May as well express your true intentions from the get go. Do I have to share every detail of my life? Just let your personality shine through. There are many things you may want to keep private and probably should keep private on social media. Dazzle us with who you are! 


Sprinkle the sale and push the connection 


Ever been sold something and been happy about it? We have. There are many shows we have all been to where it’s still small enough you can talk to the act at the merch table. You loved the performance and fell in love with them while they spoke to you- so you bought a t shirt. The T Shirt is a by product really. They had your attention through being themselves and as bonus for their hard work for getting that attention, you purchased some merch. Whatever got you to that show was the connection. Their social media posts, youtube channel, a playlist on spotify, a giveaway…and the t shirt purchase was the sprinkle. Always heavy on the connection and light on the sprinkle.  

Do you mean don’t try to sell much? We mean, spend more time on connecting with people and getting their attention than you would pushing a sale. Definitely put everything into it when going for a sale, but spend more time getting the attention. Why? It’s the attention that sells a product. 


Can you imagine looking at a bands instagram and seeing more posts asking you to buy something than anything else? Off putting. We want content to get our dopamine hits. We want to trust you first and see what you’re about. A feed filled with cool content not asking for anything is an enjoyable experience for the viewer. Sprinkle it with something viewers can buy and you’ve got a good ratio.  


What should I post to get attention? 


What are you about as an artist or a band? Show people how you view the world, what you laugh at, and how you make a song. This really comes down to what you’re comfortable with sharing. Figure that out and stay true to yourself. Even if you have a stage persona like Lady Gaga you can still be authentic on social media. Why does her fan base give her attention? She’s being herself. Even if at times her personality is amplified for theatrical benefit. 


James Bay has an excellent instagram page. It’s him and more of him. Giving you a glimpse into his musical life. He’s gathering attention and in return, people go to his gigs and listen to his music. They probably happily part with money at the merch table too. 


Be yourself. Posts that you may think are boring are exciting to another. Not everyone has been inside a studio – share a photo of you working on a track. Maggie Rogers feels comfortable sharing some of where she grew up along with photos of her hanging out with friends. Very relatable and attention grabbing. Maybe boring to her, but exciting to us. 


The world of music is a mystical and enticing sphere of magic, especially to those who are not part of it. Give people a glimpse into our world. That’s what you post. A glimpse into your world. 


What if I don’t like social media? 


This is ok. You can like and dislike many things – more power to you. In 2020 it is rare (if not improbable) to find a successful artist or band without social media accounts. Muse has been known to live stream gigs on Facebook to get to a wider audience and we are seeing a rise in live streaming in general. You need to utilise social media to play this game. 


If you really can’t fathom using social media there are other things you can do. Find another avenue to get onto social media by asking someone else to post for you. Pay an agency to take over your accounts or even create an outfit that covers your identify like Sia. Having another person managing your socials will take the pressure off. Perhaps another member of the band if you are low on funds and can’t pay an agency straight away. 


Taylor Swift disables comments on her socials – possibly for mental health reasons, which is a great move. Consider doing this if it’s the comments you’re not keen on. You can still get attention without enabling comments. Do be aware that not being on social media at all comes at a cost to how you progress with music. It is absolutely fine and we love you still no matter what you decide. 


For those ready to grab attention – post those pictures and videos and make a connection! That’s all you need to do. No expectations. Share who you are and share it often.