Introducing: Sun Owl

Sun Owl, also known as Sanna Ohlgren is one of Spinnup’s favourite scouted artists. She plays alternative, electronic music and describes it as melancholic yet hopeful. To build her songs she uses a wide range of instrumentation from her voice, to a Casio PT-88, a Levin acoustic guitar, an accordion, a midi keyboard, a piano all the way to various stuff she finds in her apartment.

We asked this interesting young artist to tell us more.

For how long have you been into/doing music?
I started in primary school in one way or another, music has almost always been a part of my studies. I’ve also been doing some side projects, such as being a back up singer to other bands. With regard to my own music, I have been working on it since 2011. I studied music for a long time and became disillusioned with how it had been taught, I felt many “music rules” had been imposed and in my opinion music should be more experimental and sentimental. I suddenly found a new connection to music when I started to write music myself.

What inspires you?
Everything and anything. Animal rights, environmental issues and equality are passions of mine, and this often comes out in my music. Otherwise, music has served as a diary for me, I write about what I feel and think about things, about the people I’ve met who have inspired me or even the people who’ve had completely different values and opinions to me. I also write about my sense of absence and presence in social contexts and how this makes me feel. Many of my songs are on quite ‘heavy’ topics such as my fears; life, death, finites and infinity.

What happens next – do you have new releases or gigs coming up? 
I will continue as usual with my music. I try to produce one song per month, not for the sake of someone else, but because I like the routine of my everyday life. There is a sense of release writing and composing music that I feel I want to dedicate my time to. I very much want to play live, but do not have anything in particular planned at the moment. I look forward to putting myself in that situation where I will need to think about how I should perform and deliver my music.

Anything else that you would like to tell us about yourself and your music?
Something I’ve been thinking about lately is that I might subconsciously work against what I’ve learned when I studied music. Such as: everything needs to be in an exact rigid rhythm, some intervals may not be used and that the sound should be fairly dense. I dislike frames / restrictions in general when it comes to creative pursuits and I feel really at home in the music I’m doing now. It is personal to me and fills a big role in my life. It took a long time before I really dared to write music. Probably because I did not feel comfortable with the rules I was taught by my schools.