Amazon Music for Artists Guide

At Spinnup, we like to come up with tool suggestions to help you grow your music career. Whether it’s free apps or cool plugins, being an independent artist can be overwhelming so you might as well use all help you can get!


We’re particularly keen on streaming services’ platforms dedicated to artists. Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer all have their own platforms so don’t hesitate to check out our articles.


Today we’re introducing you to Amazon Music for Artists, Amazon’s tool to manage your artist profile on Amazon Music and understand how your music is consumed. It’s a major downloading and streaming service counting more than 60 million users so it’s totally worth looking into it. In this article we take you through the steps to create your artist account and explain the main features.


How do I claim my Amazon Music For Artists profile?


Here’s how to get access to the portal to claim you amazon artist page:

  • Follow this link: https://artists.amazon.com/select or download the app
  • Click “get started”.
  • Log in using your Amazon account linked to Amazon Music
  • Look for your artist name in the search bar and click “submit”
  • Fill in required info including “company” where you can just put your artist name again.


You’ll get a confirmation email from Amazon team once you’re granted access.


Why should I start using Amazon Music for Artists?


Just like other platforms dedicated to artists, stats are a crucial feature of Amazon Music for Artists.  You’ll find detailed numbers on your streams & downloads such as your top hits and fans location for instance. Amazon Music allows you to understand how your fans discover your music:

  • By playlists – official or user-curated
  • By Stations
  • By Search


You should use this data to grow your presence on the platform, especially through playlists. For extra tips, take a look at our article on how to get on smaller playlists and why they’re important as well as our quick 5 tricks to help you promote yourself on amazon music. Audience engagement is so important, don’t hesitate to interact with your fans. Encourage them to add your tracks to their playlists and search for your music via Alexa to improve your stats and discover a world of fans.


Can people search for my music using Alexa?


You’ve probably heard about Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant. It’s a powerful feature because it’s at the heart of user consumption, and thanks to Alexa and Siri reports show a huge increase in the number of people searching by voice. They can ask Alexa to hear something new or a tune they haven’t heard in a while. More importantly, users can find your tracks with lyrics and add them to playlists. With the Daily Voice Index, you can track how your music is streamed via Alexa.


Head to your Spinnup dashboard for plenty of helpful stats from stores and socials.


What can I edit on my Amazon Music For Artists Profile?


Amazon Music for Artists also allows you to edit your artist profile by adding links to your socials. Your socials are one of the best means to obtain and retain fans. Use this feature to share your Twitch live streams and reach a greater number of users. Concerning visuals, it’s not yet possible to edit your profile picture in the app. To do so, you should get in touch with the Amazon Music support team.


Finally, make sure to add members of your team to the platform so they can help you manage your account! You can select roles for them according to the rights you want to give them.


Now you know everything you need to make the most of Amazon Music for Artists. It’s a must-have for independent artists to understand how the store works and build a loyal fanbase.


While you’re at it, don’t forget to claim your Deezer Backstage profile. Make sure to check our guide for step by step instructions and advice!