Activating your force field: use your talent to your advantage

When it comes to being gutsy, you have this quality in spades. You are an independent artist.  One thing that can happen is, the on switch is not flipped for your own personal force field.  An artistic shield if you will.  What do we mean by this?  Just like being gutsy is an essential part of navigating the music industry, so is taking care of your mental health and inner environment by creating a safe space between you and energy draining events.  This safe space is created by a ‘force field’.

Getting your force field up and running:

Express your true self

This is your gift – your talent.  True talent is deeply connected to the true self.  One cannot be adequately expressed without the other.  As humans, we are easily influenced when we do not know our true selves.  The more you create from a place that feels right, the bigger your force field will become.   The world wants to hear what YOU create, not something that imitates the sound of another artist or what’s hot right now.

Shout it from the roof tops!

If you’re not inclined to climb onto a roof and scream – pitch to Spotify instead

Align with supportive people

There was an interview online a while back where Steve Harvey said, “Don’t tell your big dreams to small minded people”.  Preach!  Tell your big dreams to people who are on the same mission.  Build a network of people who support your dream.  Heck, when you have that, you are more likely to succeed – whatever success looks like to you.

Say yes

To things that take you closer to your goals.  Write down your goals – be clear, precise.  What do they look like, how do you feel when you imagine attaining your goals, who is around you etc? Do you want to focus on making a name on the live scene? Or becoming a music blog darling with your latest single and attention-grabbing video?  When you know where you are heading, you know what to say yes to.  Simple as that.  The only laborious part of this is writing out every single part of your goals.  Break them down so much that you can clearly see each step.  To be fair, this will take an afternoon, but it’s a small price to pay to set yourself on the right path.  Dedicate yourself to an afternoon so you may say yes at the correct moments.

Say no

To things that take you away from your goals, and from your creativity.  If you are looking for short-term gains in exchange for something shiny, there is a high chance you will become burnt out in the long term, because you opted for something you were barely suited to.

Find truth tellers who have your back

These are your friends.  Perhaps one friend, because truth tellers are hard to come by.  Find someone who you trust to call you out on BS, and who you trust to support and celebrate your wins with you.  We mean REALLY celebrate your wins – genuine happiness for your achievements.   Find a person, or people like this, and work hard to keep them around you, be the same kind of friend to them.  Friends like this can be found in the industry – the deeper you go into this awesome business, the more genuine people you will come by.  Independent or signed – there really are people wanting to support what you have to offer.  When you are good enough, coupled with working hard enough – you will get noticed.