A-Z Glossary

The music industry is constantly changing. It’s hard enough to keep up with new music and style trends, especially updates to Jargon! We know you have questions like what is a Lawyer? What is an A&R? What is a Royalty? etc. Well question no more, we at Spinnup have you covered with our newest A-Z glossary.


Our newest online dictionary will clarify any of your music-related definition queries, helping you navigate effectively through the often shark infested industry that is the music scene. Whether you’re a songwriter, producer, solo singer, emcee, or the guy at the back of the stage banging on the drums, this comprehensive list has been made with you in mind.


Get started today by heading HERE to scroll down or click on a letter. Don’t forget, if that isn’t enough for you, we have a whole Spinnup Academy ready for you to put all of your new found knowledge to good use. Anything you are still unsure of? We would love to hear from you so, send us a message @spinnup and let us know what term you want us to include.


Happy learning!