A night to remember

As the crowd began pouring through the doors, you started to grasp the significance of the FATTA campaign. Spinnup is not only proud to have distributed the new song, entitled FATTA, but also to have sponsored the release party, where so many people took part in debates, poetry readings, art shows and performances.

In contrast to the heavy nature of the subject matter – the FATTA campaign aims to help victims of rape and sexual assault – the mood of the evening was positively light-hearted and the audience was in high spirits, full of hope and optimism. FATTA delivered a powerful set and had the crowd clamouring for more. Spinnup-scouted band flo. took to the stage later. Their energetic performance had the audience joining in and dancing along to “Sinking under my defense”, “Eyes to feel”, “False desires” – a firm favourite – and, finally, upcoming release “Hot air balloon”.

Overall, the evening was a great success: a worthy cause, lively audience, fantastic performers and one very happy Spinnup scout!