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5 Ways to Keep Your Music Moving When You’re Stuck Indoors

So school and university are closed, your favourite hanging spots have shut their doors and your plans/concerts/events have been postponed? Annoying but, no reason to panic at all. We have 5 things for you to do in isolation that, as an artist, that can help you feel less stuck.


#1. Life Admin

If you are stuck at home, you may have already binge-watched all of your favourite shows. Well, roll up your sleeves and get your rubber gloves on for some Spring Cleaning. It is a fact that cleaning up and tidying will help create a professional work environment to make the best music possibleVacuum the rehearsal room, tidy up the muck out of the studio, fix any gear and equipment, sort files and demos on the hard drive etc. Here are some more tips on getting your organised with your music productions.

Make room for something new and your home studio will benefit from your new found musical productivity.


#2. Songidea_2019_01_23.mp3?

When was the last time you searched through your old song notes for good ideas? Are there still pearls in the files folder from 2019 that could be given some new found inspiration or, a good beat that you have not yet used?

Keep hold of your ideas that have not yet been used, published or finalised. You could piece together something fresh and brand new.



#3. Virtual Sessions?

Grouping together and being social may not be an option at the moment so, ever thought about collaborating with people in different places?

Think about using Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime and other platforms to talk and create with each other remotely. With a video call, you can even play ideas directly and write new ones (this could also be a cool way to create a low-budget music video/social content if you record the session).


Recording singer producer

#4 Prepare for your next release

Prepare your next track and check which assets, i.e. which graphics, videos and texts are missing. Make sure to choose your release date to be well in advance so that you can work towards it whilst still being relaxed. If you have everything you need, upload your next release to Spinnup and follow the normal steps.


#5. Social media:

With more people being kept inside, there will be a LOT more people online which means you as an artist have a big opportunity to rethink your approach to your fans and followers.

Why not stream live from your home studio on Facebook ? Do a live Q&A or a spontaneous performance on Instagram ? Create new content for Youtube ? Post a real-time diary entry on your own account on Twitter ? Turn clips for TikTok?


Maybe you have finished your new songs and want to release them? With Spinnup you can upload your music in a few simple steps and be heard and discovered worldwide on Spotify, Apple Music & Co. – also by our Universal Music A&Rs. Register now for free