5 ways to get the attention of a Spinnup Scout

Your music’s been loaded up onto Spinnup – congratulations! Your creative genius can now be heard and enjoyed around the world.

But we all know that what makes Spinnup different is our unique network of Scouts. Through them lies the chance to get a record deal with Universal Music. So how do you get the Scouts’ attention? What are they looking for?

Here are our top five tips:

1. Write a song with a strong melody and catchy hooks
Ok sounds kind of obvious, and it is, but is by far the most important thing so worth saying right from the off. Your songs have to stand out, and the best way to do that is to have a tune that lingers in the mind long after the first listen.

2. Perform live
There’s no substitute for playing your music in front of a live audience – whether you’re in a band, a solo singer-songwriter, a DJ, whatever. Seeing the reactions of people who aren’t your friends and family, who don’t have to be polite and nice to you, is by far the best feedback you can get.

3. Work really really hard
Build your fan base, book gigs, grow your social networks – both online and real world ones, work work work on your craft, on making music. Show the world how motivated you are, how driven you are about your music. If you aren’t, it’s unlikely anyone else will be that interested either.

4. Don’t try and do everything yourself
But at the same time, don’t forget that as the artist, your job is to make unforgettable music. You don’t have to do absolutely everything, whether it’s recording, mixing and mastering, or designing posters or T-shirts, or anything else, on your own. Other people are very good at those other things, your skill is in making music, so focus on that.

5. Don’t give up
Ever. Nobody ever made it without some knock backs along the way. Even The Beatles were rejected multiple times – The Beatles! The only people guaranteed to fail are those who give up, so don’t be one of them.